Npower NASIMS Payroll Page –How Beneficiaries can check their Stipends Payment

Npower NASIMS Payroll Page –How Beneficiaries can check their Stipends Payment

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It is now easier for you to check your payroll on Nasims Dashboard for all selected Beneficiaries who has passed the Physical Verification Stage. See what payment data not available means.

Npower batch C Volunteers who are fully enrolled as beneficiaries and have seen pass on their Nasims profile dashboard has been wondering what the payroll inscription on their dashboard means so we decided to create this post to keep you informed.

Npower NASIMS Payroll  

Npower payroll is a list of Npower beneficiaries and the record of amount of stipends they are to be paid. Though beneficiaries and applicants dashboard may show payroll inscription, only Beneficiaries will end up getting paid.

As an Npower beneficiary, if your profile status is passed then you are a confirmed Npower beneficiaries qualified for payment. But if your profile is still showing pending then you might have an issue with your physical verification which might withhold your stipends.

The payroll in your profile shows that the management of Npower is now updating your dashboard for payment as they have earlier mentioned in their latest update regarding payment.

Npower NASIMS Payroll Page

The payroll page is where all Npower beneficiaries payment transaction history will be recorded. As soon as you receive your first stipends, it will be recorded on that page.

The Npower batch C Programme is expected to last for 12 months, within the 12 months period, all the payment made to a beneficiary will appear under the payroll page and you can login to stay updated with your pay records.

Though payroll maybe added on Npower applicants Nasims portal profile, only Beneficiaries will qualify for payment. And what does it take to be an Npower beneficiary? Login to your Nasims Dashboard Here

What Payment Data not available means on Nasims Dashboard

The no payment data showing when you visit the payroll page simply means that your payment history has not been updated on the payroll page and you do not need to worry because you have not received any payments to be recorded on the payroll page yet. Login to your Nasims Dashboard Here

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