Npower Batch C Applicants to be paid 60k Stipends how true is this Information

Npower Batch C Applicants to be paid 60k Stipends how true is this Information

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Npower Batch C Applicants to be paid 60k Stipends how true is this Information Some Unconfirmed information is flying around social media stating that Npower batch C applicants will be taking home the sum of 60k naira every month as stipends, this write-up will explain everything you need to know about How much npower pays as stipends each Month.

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In our previous article about npower stipends amount payable to volunteers at the end of each month, we touched through so many areas and Categories of npower payment to it’s Volunteers Nationwide on a monthly basis.

With the Recent shortlisting of successful applicants name by npower, many people claim that npower will pay up to 60k naira monthly as stipends to it’s Batch C applicants that is almost twice the amount paid to batch A and B Volunteers since the inception of the Program.

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We can not categorically confirm if this report is true or false, but if you go back to Npower Batch A and B you will understand that npower pays between 25k to 30k monthly as Stipends, in some cases many volunteers complained bitterly about backlog payments not being paid by npower as at when due, while in some cases the 30k payment every months takes about two to three months to get paid to Volunteers Nationwide.

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As it stands now we are letting you know that the maximum Amount Npower can pay as stipends monthly is 40k Naira and not 60k as some people Claim, anybody can claim anything on social media without being so sure about the Information, i will give you a list of breakdown of stipends Npower pays to Volunteers each Month as Stipends or Salary as the case maybe.

Npower Salary Break down for the incoming Batch C applicants

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  1. Npower Build Monthly stipend: 27k to 30k monthly
  2. Npower Tech Hardware Monthly stipend: 20k to 40k monthly stipend
  3. Npower Tech Software Monthly stipend: 20k to 4k monthly stipend
  4. Npower Creative Monthly Salary: 10k to 30k monthly pay
  5. Npower Agro Monthly pay: 25k to 30k monthly 
  6. Npower Teach Month stipend: 28-30k naira monthly
  7. Npower Community Education stipend: 10k to 30k monthly 
  8. Npower Health Monthly Stipends: 20k to 40k Monthly

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Npower Batch C Applicants to be paid 60k Stipends how true is this Information

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  1. The rumor actually going on is that npower will not be paying for two years again but one year, which means Being payed 60k monthly for one year instead of 30k monthly for one year, is this true?

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