Npower has apologized gives reason behind March stipend payment Delay

What you must do if you have not received Npower March Stipends Alert

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What you must do if you have not received Npower March Stipends Alert Today we have some latest Npower news update for those Npower beneficiaries who are yet to receive their March stipends. You are advised to send an email to Npower support stating your complaints in an orderly manner as arranged below. This message is for Npower volunteers who are yet to be paid their March stipends.

If you have not recieved your npower March payment you are advised to send a message to Npower main email address:

If you are emailing npower i will advise you to do so using this simple format below, it will male them to attend to you faster, it is has been tested and confirmed to be working effectively

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  1. Email SUBJECT: Non Payment of March Stipend
  2. Full Name
  3. State: State where you are serving
  4. Local Govt: LGA where you are serving
  5. Npower registered email address
  6. PPA
  7. Category
  8. Batch
  9. N-power Registered Number
  10. Account Name
  11. Bank name
  12. Acc No

Some volunteers have used this format to communicate with Npower team and has being attended to without much difficulty, and it will work for you believe me when i say it will work for you.

Most of you npower Beneficiaries are having issues with your npower backlog payment, below i will show you how to solve your npower backlog payment issues and get all your outstanding backlogs paid to you without wasting time.

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How to Solve your Npower Backlog payment issues from 2016 till date

I will strongly advise you to request the approval or the help of Npower Scheme Support Team systems, by Kindly paying a close attention to the following below help guidelines for your own good in resolving the problem.

  1. First Login HERE
  2. Scan and upload Appointment Letter
  3. Upload Place of Primary Assignment name
  4. Scan and upload Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.

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You can go straight to npower headquarter of Npower Programme or search for Npower Team support  online contact for a directive, or for faster response or solution leave a comment below i will resolve the issues for you as soon as possible, all you need do is drop your problem/issues you are facing through the comment box and wait for my response thank you stay happy safe and blessed.

What you must do if you have not received Npower March Stipends Alert

3 thoughts on “What you must do if you have not received Npower March Stipends Alert”

  1. All npower support number is off and some that rings nobody pick,and the email for us to post all those information required us who have not received march stipend is not working.i have been trying to email and call but is not I first bank kaduna

    1. The email support is working
      Just that they reply emails ta working days after you sent it
      About their numbers going off it depends on when you call them
      Try again and update me about the outcome so I will know how to come in and assist you

  2. Rabiu Jibrin Yelwa

    Please I have backlog for March, April, May, June and July. I have been sending many emails volunteer support but yet to receive any response.

    Please how could you assist me

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