Npower News FG Approves Payment Of Outstanding Npower Beneficiaries Stipends

Watch HM Sadiya Farouq Speaks On Npower Permanency and Stipends On NTA Live

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Watch HM Sadiya Farouq Speaks On Npower Permanency and Stipends On NTA Live The Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq was on NTA one on one programme with Cyril Stober and she clears the air on Npower issues.

According to the Minister, we have reached out to some MDAs and private sectors to see how some of the exited Npower beneficiaries can be absorbed. She however stated that about 109,000 Npower volunteers have started their own business.

The Honourable Minister also talked about npower stipends and as well as exit package on Npower permanency.

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This is what is Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede talked about on Wednesday about npower stipends payment 2020

Good evening great Nigerian youths and Npower ambassadors. Its a great pleasure to get in touch with you once again.Here is another Npower Facebook live chat with Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede on Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Our payment process is guided by two key parameters.One is the elimination of any intermediary or middle man,that is we have never paid any of you through anybody,we have always paid you direct.

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The second parameter is we are been careful to save guard you over identity theft.What this means is that,we cut of payment process in the middle of every month,it goes through administrative procedures.before you get paid, there is validation that happens in the Nigerian inter bank settlement scheme (NIBSS).

On the day we cut of payment for the month,we take exceptions to payroll and we progress it,it goes on to the Hon Minister,from her desk,it moves down to the permanent secretary and then to the director of finance down to the deputy director of finance.Here all the checks and balanced are done,which takes some time.This happens before the funds are been moved from the treasury single account which is hosted by cbn. They run the validation, to ensure again that all of your details provided on the payroll matches with the details on your bvn.

Once this matches,you are validated for payment and then money is released to beneficiaries bank and then paid to your account.

Once there is any issue on any individual detail,the funds for that individual are sent back from the banks to nibs, from nibs back to the ministry. So now you will see all that happens when there is payment delay.

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Watch HM Sadiya Farouq Speaks On Npower Permanency and Stipends On NTA Live

13 thoughts on “Watch HM Sadiya Farouq Speaks On Npower Permanency and Stipends On NTA Live”

  1. I have nt been paid since Mach 2020, , I have complained n no response from dis woman, pls help me oo, am even confused,

  2. I was not paid Jan to April of 2017 and I have wrote npower, travelled to my state capital on several occasions. Any hope plz

  3. We shouldn’t be disengaged for nothing cuz majority of us now married with kids. As a matter of urgency something good should be done about it.

  4. Yakubu Haruna Caleb

    Minister’s response on the delay of payment every month until 15th or 16th of the month is not adding up. This is 21st Century and that the only way you can pay a particular set of volunteers is to repeat a particular process of verification every month and instead of the beneficiaries receiving paid on the 30th, they’re paid 45th or 46th days of every month which logicaly made them to be receiving less than 30,000. And when one is holding a public office, it’s almost impossible to not be criticized but I am sorry to say, her criticism comes as a result of inefficiency and open day looting under her watch. Her words cannot be trusted. The account of some beneficiaries were flagged off with an excuse that the beneficiaries are civil-servant, it was simply an excuse for them to have surplus in their personal accounts as they always do with the delay of payment. This Minister has been promising since March that those who were arbitrarily omitted will be paid soon Since March and till this very day in August, she still say they’ll be paid soon. And the so-called exit, there’s no defined direction & it’s completely untrusting as to which direction she’s going with this.

  5. Some of us in batch A have not got our devices.How about that ma?.FG has to fulfil his own part of d promise coz we have done ours.We were made to work like jacky in d name of permanency.We had turned down private appointment hoping to be retained at d end of the day.

  6. I’m not a civil savant or work in any agency but my last five months stipend is hold please ma let me know our sin to deserve these punishment you did to us via it in your mind that Allah SWA will questioning you in a day of judgment about the way you treat us we’re household and family please ma reconsider our situation please I’m begging you have Marcy on us 5 months without stipend

  7. Glad to hear this on platform that can address beneficiaries and also let the public know about the programmme. It”s okay to try to show some form of transparency, but i’d like for beneficiaries and the Nigerian public to have answers to questions directed to our honourable minister on every issues – both current and previous. That will help better the programme, particularly for those that are in-coming. Haven said that, most of my concern boarders on:

    *The great level of inconsistency in the programme: delay in payment (probably too late to address for current beneficiaries about to exit), device for batch B, assessment of over 109,000 beneficiaries said to have maximized the opportunity offered by the programme viz a viz the type of business, capital invested, foreseen sustainability, etc., and even more.

    I strongly hope that our honourable minster would get these raised concern from me and others from my colleagues, and the public. Thank honourable minister for job well done so far.

  8. Please and please madam,I use Almighty Allah to beg you please don’t disengage us like that,don’t send we people back to street,if necessary for you to disengage us I want you to do something meaningful for us because most of us have family to settled the salary with, so help us ma,you are like a mother to us,,,thanks God bless Nigeria God bless us.

  9. Please ma, am not in any position working as a civil servant, ma pls check ma BVN and verify again. Please pay us our unpaid March- July stipend. Ukasha Mohammed is my name, batch B volunteer from Plateau state, Jos North.

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