UPS Job Recruitment Human Resources Supervisor 2021

UPS Job Recruitment Human Resources Supervisor 2021

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UPS Job Recruitment Human Resources Supervisor 2021 The story of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, began more than a century ago with a $100 loan to jumpstart a tiny messenger service. How we evolved into a multi-billion-dollar global corporation reflects the history of modern transportation, international commerce, logistics and financial services. Today, UPS is customer first, people led, innovation driven. It’s powered by more than 495,000 employees connecting more than 220 nations and territories across roads, rails, air, and ocean. Tomorrow, UPS will continue to lead the industry and connect the world, with a commitment to quality service and environmental sustainability.

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Job Summary

To provide consultative/tactical support to business unit management in the areas of Organizational Training, Performance Management, Health and Safety, Compliance, Compensation and Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, Workforce Planning, and Unemployment Benefit Cost Control. He/She provides valued solutions to management for the implementation of HR initiatives.

Job Duties

Provides Business Solutions Using Human Capital

  • Provides coaching to provide solutions on issues related to policy and procedures, employee discipline, retention, health and safety, separations, and investigations.
  • Provides coaching and guidance for business management to provide solutions for performance management, talent management, succession planning, and employee development.
  • Promotes organizational change and cultural transformation to ensure the organization’s strategic and tactical initiatives are effectively executed.
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge base, consistent time management skills, and strong organizational skills to provide an effective consultative partnership with business management.
  • Utilizes formal and informal feedback from business management to drive human capital decisions and demonstrate measurable value to the organization.
  • Develops effective tools to organize, prioritize, delegate, and create solutions to meet HR initiatives in a timely manner.

Leverages Business Relationships to Achieve Goals

  • Promotes highly effective relationships with the service centers, business management, recruiting organizations, external customers, and peers, locally and globally, to share accountability and provide valued support for achieving business goals.
  • Shares feedback with Region level management to communicate the effectiveness of HR processes with the service centers and HR function for the review and modification of HR processes and procedures.
  • Works with HR and business management to assist in the implementation of recognition programs and corporate programs designed to reduce turnover, impact employee retention, and reinforce UPS corporate values.

Provides Consultative and Tactical HR Support

  • Coaches business units and service centers regarding best practices implementation of compliance procedures (e.g., reasonable accommodation, safety, etc.) to comply with federal, state, and local regulations and support focus on diversity.
  • Collaborates with Talent Acquisition and business management to identify employee skill gaps and support implementation of employee development plans and learning interventions.
  • Assists management with utilizing HR tools to maximize employee performance, achieve organizational effectiveness, improve employees’ engagement, and ensure legal compliance.
  • Implements employee relations strategies to ensure UPS is able to attract and retain qualified employees, minimize union participation, minimize company exposure to legal issues, and maintain a productive work climate.
  • Consults with business management to proactively manage employee concerns, reduce HelpLine calls, weigh and mitigate risks of potential to the company, engage in the maintaining non-union status process, and prevent escalation of complaints.
  • Seeks feedback from internal and external customers to provide continual improvement to exceed expectations.

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Conducts Comprehensive HR Investigations

  • Maintains current knowledge on employee relations topics (e.g., arbitration, separation agreements, regulatory compliance, employee complaints, etc.) to implement investigative methodology that is comprehensive and legally sound.
  • Monitors large scale and complex employee relations initiatives to provide support and guidance on issues with potential legal risks and unfavorable trends.
  • Utilizes knowledge of UPS Labor policies, contracts, provisions, and government regulations to guide HR process implementation and prevent potential sources of legal problems.
  • Analyzes investigation results to identify trends, share knowledge with peers, and determine where additional management education is warranted.
  • Monitors compliance concerns related to federal, state, and local regulations to proactively assist with audit preparation, provide process updates, outside agency requests, and develop compliance recommendations.

Supervises and Develops Others

  • Determines employees’ training needs to produce continuous development plans.
  • Provides on-going feedback and support to improve performance.
  • Conducts performance evaluations in a consistent, fair, and objective manner to encourage continuous performance improvement.
  • Holds others accountable to established performance levels to achieve individual and group goals.
  • Resolves individual and group performance issues in accordance with UPS’s policies and procedures in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork.

Implements HR Initiatives

  • Implements plans to successfully executes of HR initiatives.
  • Implements plans to address periodic business initiatives (e.g., changes in workforce levels, etc.).
  • Facilitates open communications to gain support for initiatives and ensure programs align with business needs.
  • Implements affirmative action plan to assist with compliance, performance management, career development, workforce planning, and succession planning.
  • Seeks feedback from line management to ensure HR initiatives are providing support and are focused on business priorities.
  • Tracks the HR Report Card to identify progress and goal achievement.
  • Implements plans for succession planning activities at all levels to ensure management of talent as identified and to monitor and develop training opportunities.
  • Manages local HR spend for travel, recognition, recruiting, shipping, assets, staffing, etc. to contain cost.
  • Maintains collected workforce data and analysis to identify candidate readiness levels and development needs.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Required
  • Designs/Develops Integrated Solutions to Business Problems
  • Health and Safety Knowledge
  • Labor and Employment Law Knowledge
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Knowledge
  • Talent Acquisition


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UPS Job Recruitment Human Resources Supervisor 2021

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