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Updates on Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries Stipends payment

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Updates on Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries Stipends payment We are going to talk about npower stipends payment updates for the month of june and july for batch a and b beneficiaries respectively, a lot of you has been asking if there will be any payment before exit is made so today here at npowernews you will get all you need to know.

The question many volunteers are asking. As the Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development set to exit the batch A and B Npower beneficiaries by June and July consecutively, some of the beneficiaries concerned are asking questions whether their June and July Stipends will be paid alongside the transit to the said Government entrepreneurship scheme.

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News about npower beneficiaries stipends payment for june and july

Many npower beneficiaries has been asking if it will possible to still get their stipends paid to them since the exit is fixed for 30th of june 2020 and npower nor it’s officials no one has made any statement about the stoppage of stipends payment, so it’s likely the monthly stipends will keep coming.

Batch b stipends will keep coming since their will remain in the program till july 31st 2020.

As regards to NPower payment crisis, the minister of humanitarian affairs has stated that there are about 12,000 NPower volunteers who are affected and all measures are in place to see that those affected backlogs are cleared.

Recently NPower on twitter made it known that NPower batch A and B beneficiaries, they have seen your questions on the exit plan, backlogs, and devices. In the following days, these issues will be addressed individually, with time.

How to Permanently resolves Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues faster

For those of you yet to get their monthly stipends paid to them, below i will show you simple steps on how to solve the npower payment backlogs issues permanently and very faster too, follow this simple easy steps below:

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  1. Send an email to
  2. The Title of the email  should be Unpaid March and April stipends
  3. Email should include
    a. State of Residence
    b. Name
    c. PPA
    d. NPVN no

If you are still facing any challenges please let us know, do not be scared of using the comment box to tell us what you are facing we are here to assist you solve any of your npower problem for free.

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Updates on Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries Stipends payment

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