See Link Portal to Upload NYIF Loan Business Plan

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See Link Portal to Upload NYIF Loan Business Plan Today you will learn how to upload your Business Proposal to MYIF Portal, many of you are complaining about not being able to upload your business proposals so today we shall show you step by step guidelines on how to go about uploading your Business Proposal or plan on NYIF Loan Plan uploading portal 2020-2021.

If you among those who applied for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund -NYIF 2020-2021 phase and you fully participated in the online training or you did not participate yet, this article will show you how to go about uploading your business plan, it will interest you to note that uploading of Business plan started since November 30th 2020, stay till the very end of this post if you truly want to upload you Business Plan.

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How to Upload NYIF Business Plan 2020-2021

There is an important thing you must take not of, your NYIF Loan success depends entirely on your kind of Busines plan you uploaded, always make sure to upload a smart business plan that is quite convincing, because for every business plan uploaded on the NYIF Portal there are by standby who goes through it, before accepting or rejecting it.

Note your business plan must always be in a PDF Format before it will be successfully uploaded, once your business plan has been converted into pdf all you have to do is visit once you are there just login with your current NYIF portal Login details and once you have gain access you can the easily proceed to upload your business plan or proposal to the portal.

NYIF has changed the loan online processes into different three segments which are as follows below:

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  1. Registration and uploading of business plan.
  2. Training
  3. Loan Approval and Disbursement

Once your Business plan has been uploaded you will be invited for training, only if the business plan you uploaded is worth spending money on, that is why we always tell you to make use of a good simple business plan, you will be easily selected and your business funded, or you may seek for the services of a professional.

if you are yet to be invited fir the NYIF Loan Business training please do not be afraid as they are putting things in place, everyone will be invited training, if you have questions please do well to use the comment box below this article.

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See Link Portal to Upload NYIF Loan Business Plan

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