Sadiya- Break down on How Npower Batch C Applicants got Shortlisted

Sadiya- Break down on How Npower Batch C Applicants got Shortlisted

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Sadiya- Break down on How Npower Batch C Applicants got Shortlisted The current minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya Umar Farouq Explained how npower batch c shortlisted the incoming Volunteers, so we are going to explain exactly how the shortlisting works, it will enable you have a better understanding and also letting you know your chances of being shortlisted.

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This is exactly what the Minster said, The reason some applicants scored high and yet to be shortlisted is because of their location, the Minister hinted that each local government area in Nigeria have a space of 1000 applicants to be selected, if the number of those who applied for the npower in a particular Local Government is more than 1000, those to be shortlisted will score about 70 and 100 percent on the just concluded test respectively.

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But if any particular Local Government have npower batch c applicants less than 1000 then those who score 40 below to even 0 will be shortlisted in order to use it and cover the empty gap line, many of you usually complain that some of your colleagues scored lower than you did and yet they got shortlisted before you, it has to do with their local government of Origin, and the number of applicants and how well the applicants did during the screening test exercise.

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And should in case you have forgotten, this particular npower batch c will shortlist One Million Volunteers and they will be stream one and Two, stream one shortlisting is currently on going and stream Two will take 500k applicants while npower batch c stream 2 shortlisting will commence on 15th of June 2021 and will also take in 500k applicants respectively making it one Million Volunteers Nationwide.

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Those yet to be shortlisted can start checking their sms email and also through their nasims portal respectively, shortlisting of more names commences 15/6/2021, immediately after all the shortlisting is done, then the next stage will be on Physical Verification exercise and deployment to various Npower batch C PPA’S, we will write more on that when the time is due, Keep checking this website regularly for more information.

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If you need more information or you are facing any npower related issues you need faster solutions to, please do well to use the comment box below this article tell us what the problem is and we shall write back explaining to you how to go about solving it.

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Sadiya- Break down on How Npower Batch C Applicants got Shortlisted

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  1. I am a volunteer of Npower Batch B and was not paid for five months before the exit. I don’t work in any government agency of anywhere, yet I was not paid. I want to know the reason, please

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