Re: COVID-19 loan June Disbursement Ongoing Applicants Credited 

Re: COVID-19 loan June Disbursement Ongoing Applicants Credited

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Re: COVID-19 loan June Disbursement Ongoing Applicants Credited Greetings reader and compliments of the season. Today’s topic is about the CBN Covid-19 Loan. So going into the topic fully, we were updated to know that there is now loan disbursement for those that applied in the month of June 2020.

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Surprise? Yes, it is indeed for it has been long anticipated and many may have forgotten about it. Now that we have talked briefly on it, do note that disbursement is still ongoing, and applicants who applied in the said months are urged to take note the following and follow up with caution and understanding

Loan Disbursement Cautions, and To-Do Items

These are some information and guidelines to look out for so as to be credited:

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  • Loan disbursements would be determined an looked into based on the activity, cash-flow, and industry size of all applicants.
  • Credit facility is aimed and ventured at providing financial relief to households and small businesses as they cope with the economic fall outs of, during and after the pandemic.
  • For those who are yet to receive an alert even after filling all details you will need to do a physical verification before the loan will be disbursed to you
  • Each eligible Small and Medium Enterprises will receive a maximum of N25 million while qualified households can access a maximum of N3 million each.

We have talked about all these in previous times and still talk about it because many people still wont get credited until they have done the requirements. So this is a platform for you to do your physical verification, cross check your application and correct any mistakes so as to get credited.

The CBN Covid-19 loan disbursement is still in progress, just in case you have not received an alert yet, keep on believing and keep your hopes high. Also, if you are or have been shortlisted for the loan, a mail will be sent to you. So, check your Email or SMS inbox regularly to confirm if you were given.

Having any problems accessing your email or COVID-19 application portal, feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Re: COVID-19 loan June Disbursement Ongoing Applicants Credited 

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  1. An Account had been successfully created for me by NIRSAL MFB sent to me by NMFB NOVEMBER but the account has not been credited yet.

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