NYIF is Disbursing Loans of N250K & N500K 18 to 35 Years 2021

NYIF is Disbursing Loans of N250K & N500K 18 to 35 Years 2021

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NYIF is Disbursing Loans of N250K & N500K 18 to 35 Years 2021 Nyif is disbursing loans to every of it’s applicants nationwide, application method is simple and conveniently done online inline with Covid19 Guidelines and Social distancing to avoid the rapid spread of the Disease.

You need to understand that NYIF is dishing out 250k plus to all it’s qualified applicants nationwide, at the end of this post you will learn how to apply for this nyif loan 2021, the Disbursement has commenced since and many applicants are already testifying about the nyif loan free grant 2021.

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successful and confirmed applicants are receiving loan worth 250,000 to 500, 000 each to support their businesses, in this covid19 pandemic period, Many Businesses are being lifted thanks to nyif, the Federal Government of Nigeria are making sure that all affected businesses and individuals are duly supported through the NYIF loan grant 2021 version.

other beneficiaries of the Youth Programme have been receiving between N2M to N5M depending on the type of businesses registered and trained on

Until now, the Youth Fund programme has been conducting series of online training for invited applicants

All applicants that have successively conducted the online virtual training are to keep themselves ready, as funds are being sent in batches, to all qualified applicants.

If you are facing any challenges or you wish to apply and you’er facing one challenge or the other please do well to use the comment box below and we shall reply you immediately and help you out of whatever problems you’er facing through nyif portal.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has launched a help center for complain and issues relating to the ongoing registration of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund Programme

The Email and Phone numbers provided by the Ministry will go a long way in solving challenges facing applicants in the N75B Youth Fund

Every issues/Complaints can be channeled to nyif official email and it will be looked on to nyif@youthandsport.gov.ng

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Every NYIF Applicants are duly expected to forward the following below:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Full Name
  3. Address
  4. Email
  5. State of Origin
  6. Training Batch
  7. Certificate of Number

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NYIF is Disbursing Loans of N250K & N500K 18 to 35 Years 2021

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