Npower Volunteers Stages Massive Protest tomorrow over Exit Packages/Permanency

Npower Volunteers Stages Massive Protest tomorrow over Exit Packages/Permanency

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Npower Volunteers Stages Massive Protest tomorrow over Exit Packages/Permanency Npower Volunteers are about to stage a massive protest tomorrow at Abuja Over several Issues ranging from Permanency to Exit Packages to Backlog payment to stipends payment issues, and to Federal Government of Nigeria dishonest ways of dealing with them, According to some Npower Beneficiaries we interviewed recently, one Mr Dele who spoke with one of our Pressmen made it clear that, he is going out tomorrow to protest for his right, according to him he is tired and also tired of the Government’s empty promises, he said that, he will never leave the Premises of  the National Assembly Complex/ National Secretariat Abuja which is the primary Location of the Npower 12th November 2020 Protest until the Governments are true to their words.

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Another One Micheal who spoke with us said that, the Government used Npower Beneficiaries to get votes for Mr Presidents second term bids, and that immediately after the election that the Government Completely Changed and that all the Election Campaign promises to Npower Batch A and B that nothing has been done to full-fill them and that is the reason he will be going out to protest tomorrow.

About the Npower protest Tomorrow we learnt that Npower Volunteers have sought the permission of the Nigerian Police for tomorrow protest slated to hold in Abuja at the National Assembly Complex.

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A lot of Npower Batch A and B are worried pertaining to the Permanency or the exit packages, Npower Batch C incoming Volunteers are not left out as they complain of Governments Negligence in Recruiting them into the Npower Scheme, some of the Npower Batch C applicants have lost hope in the Npower Scheme ever being kicked-off this year, as the Government have not put anything in place to onboard them.

Npower Volunteers further stated that the reason for going to Abuja for the protest is that, when the group salaries stopped on June /July, the Federal Government promised to fix individuals into available spaces in MDAs and we are going to remind them their promises because since when the salaries stopped, majorities that have families and dependents are finding it difficult to feed their families. Also to enable government to know we are are serious with their promises for us. If we don’t go and ask, nobody will ask on our behalf. Also to remind them the option for those who have business ambitions and approvals of backlogged payments

Our going out to protest is not going to riot or causing any trouble? There’s no reason for that because our request has already introduced to us by the government, there’s no strange or fresh demands.

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Npower Volunteers Stages Massive Protest tomorrow over Exit Packages/Permanency

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