Npower Transition GEEP Loan And Field Data Agent Path Latest update Update

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Npower Transition GEEP Loan And Field Data Agent Path Latest update Update Just recently, we talked  about four options in the N-Power transition path to our Npower readers, today we are going to discuss the other two options which are GEEP Loan and field data agent. This post will enlighten you about the two, so read more.

N-Power Transition to business owner/GEEP Loan and Field data agent:

In this path, it is concerned on making you becoming your own boss, starting a business in your community with 100,000 Naira GEEP loan that N-Power Nigeria will offer you to begin business if you so select this path.

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What is GEEP Loan?

You must have been hearing about the GEEP loan and possibly wondered what it means. Well it is one component under the NSIP Programme. The GEEP loan is Federal Government Micro-credit intervention that provides affordable loans of up to 100,000 Naira to small and micro business minded persons to start up with.

N-Power Transition Field/Data Agents:


On the other hand is the Field Data Agents and under this or rather when you select this option, it will enable you work as a field data agent for banks, research agency or consumer goods company.

Who are field data agents?

Field data agents are people who collects data or informations and insights from as many people as possible to link companies with their customers. It is fun and somehow stressful as well but will be a perfect fit for the beneficiaries that studied Marketing in the University and wish to practice their profession. This field data agent work can be done physically or digitally.

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Some of the N-Power volunteers have worked as field agents before through a firm called MobileForms and also N-Power used some volunteers to collect data as TraderMoni and MarketMonie agent/enumerators. These are some instances of field data agent work.

I believe you have been enlightened, and know what to do. Success on your transitioning.

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Npower Transition GEEP Loan And Field Data Agent Path Latest update Update

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