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Npower Stipends payment of 3 Months has Been Approved -full details

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Npower Stipends payment of 3 Months has Been Approved -full details Npower Beneficiaries we all have to be careful of fake news mongers, who try to destabilize the unity force of the n-power volunteers, earlier yesterday there was a news making round social media that N-power has finally approved to pay 3 months of Accumulated stipends to it’s Beneficiaries, we have tried to verify the Authenticity of that News but at the end of the day we found out that N-power through it’s media channels never made such statements, What n-power is preparing is the exit packages of N-power Batch A and B beneficiaries, who will be leaving the programme finally very soon, but N-power will not let them leave empty-handed so they are preparing packages such as npower loan or npower grants to help those that will leave the npower programme to be bale to stand on their feet and have a business that generates income for them.

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The npower programme was initially introduced to reduce unemployment and as well as to reduce crime rates amongst the youths of Nigeria, so far so good, since npower first inception till now August 2020, thought the programme ia atil lacking in many aspects but npower has touched the lives of many Youths, who got paid the 30 thousand naira fixed monthly stipends, and not only that, npower also have trained so many youths in Agriculture through npower’s N-Agro segment a lot of youths  are self employed by venturing into Agriculture such as fish farming, snail farming, grass cutter farming and many more.

Npower continuously announced that they will start paying Batch A and B from this week starting this Monday many Beneficiaries will be paid, for you to be paid make sure you are not having any challenges with your bank account or with your bank, and a lot of you are being owned backlogs by npower, do not worry we are here to put a smile on your face, of course we are going to give you a simple tips to solving your npower stubborn backlog stipends payment issues.

How to Permanently solve your npower Backlog payment Issues so as to get paid this month

I will strongly advise you to request the approval or the help of Npower Scheme Support Team systems, by Kindly paying a close attention to the following below help guidelines for your own good in resolving the problem.

  • First Login HERE
  • Scan and upload Appointment Letter
  • Upload Place of Primary Assignment name
  • Scan and upload Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.

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You can go straight to npower headquarter of Npower Programme or search for Npower Team support  online contact for a directive, or for faster response or solution leave a comment below i will resolve the issues for you as soon as possible, all you need do is drop your problem/issues you are facing through the comment box and wait for my response thank you stay happy safe and blessed.

Moreover a lot of you npower Volunteers always complain of not getting your Npower Devices most especially npower Batch B Beneficiaries, we shall look into the npower device collection issues and communicate back to your immediately.

If you have any complaints and you wish to get it resolved immediately all you have to do is use the comment box and leave a comment below and your problem will get a faster attention and solutions will be sent to you free.

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Npower Stipends payment of 3 Months has Been Approved -full details

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  1. I thanks fgv. APC Regim for great this little programme for the help of youth at poverty in Nigeria. am sugester that the FG to Aprover the or to creating an organisation to help NPOWER Programe or to then LOAN them to exit the programme

  2. What federal government should considered for outgoing Npower beneficiaries, the outgoing beneficiaries should remains the programme until 2023. Or federal government should loan the beneficiaries enough money to establish business of their own.

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