Npower News today- No Devices for N-power Batch B see reasons here

Npower News today- No Devices for N-power Batch B see reasons here

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Npower News today- No Devices for N-power Batch B see reasons here Npower Devices was introduced to aid all Npower Volunteers to carry out their Assignment without less stress and also why the device was introduced is to enable many volunteers have easy access to information, Most npower Oriented information and many more.

Looking at the Situation of things right now, even a blind man can see so many reasons why Npower batch b may never ever receive any device from Npower Team.

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Below i will outline some few key points reasons why batch b may never get any Npower Device

  • Sadiya Umar Farouq, is a Nigerian politician and the current minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development. Appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in July 2019, Farouq is by age the youngest minister in the current federal cabinet, now she’s by age the youngest minister in President Buhari’s Cabinet, she was suppose to be championing device collection for npower batch b, being a young woman she knows the benefit of a computerized devices to our today’s society not to talk of having one in order to use it and execute your job properly, as long as the Minister do not make any mention of Npower batch device collection, batch b should immediately forget their device
  • Npower Batch a and B have been Disengaged, npower batch b did not receive their devices while still in service, it’s now that many of them have been disengaged that npower will release the devices to them, does it appear possible?
  • Npower is finding it hard paying stipends, due to covid-19 negative impact on the economy, they will rather use the money budgeted for npower Devices to use it and pay npower stipends to volunteers
  • All beneficiaries are after Permanency or exit packages, no one talks about npower devices again, so that makes it easier for the government to deny npower batch b volunteers their devices, i’m not saying that Agitating for Permanency is bad, i’m only making a point that, all focus now is on permanency and exit packages no one cares about devices like they use to then.
  • Some few weeks ago, it was all over the net, that npower devices has been sampled on tech stores for sale
  • Batch A was given devices, so  why don’t The government extend same kind gestures to batch B

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With all this few points i was able to make, you can now see reasons with me why i said, npower batch b may never be able to receive any devices again.

Something can still be done about this npower batch b issues, if batch b can talk about it, because it seems the government have forgotten about batch b device, so it’s left for batch b to remind the government about their Devices

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Npower News today- No Devices for N-power Batch B see reasons here

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