Npower March April Stipends payments to Beneficiaries How to get Paid

Npower March April Stipends payments to Beneficiaries How to get Paid

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Npower March April Stipends payments to Beneficiaries How to get Paid

We Shall discuss about Npower march to April stipends payment to Volunteers or Beneficiaries, Many of you have been asking me if Npower is going to make payment to Volunteers because of this Corona virus out break in the Country and in the World as a Whole, here i have an answer to all your Questions stay glued to learn how to get paid in this hard and harsh Corona virus times.

Will Npower Pay Beneficiaries their march and April stipends with this Corona virus era 

Many of you are eager to know if Npower will volunteers their Stipends because federal Government has shutdown all Schools in the country from Tertiary to Secondary and down to Basic, and the government has also put an end to an end a gathering of more than 50 People everyone is trying in their own ways to make sure that Corona virus is suppressed in the country.

Npower March April Stipends payments to Beneficiaries How to get Paid

We shall give you update about March to April stipends payment and also update about Npower 2020 Recruitment

The Federal Government of Nigeria brought about Npower in other to reduce unemployment rate in Nigeria, theaim of the scheme was to employ or to provide job for over 500,000 Nigerian youths from age 18 to 35 comprising Nigerian citizens from across the 774 Local government area in the country.

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Npower Volunteers are getting ready to receive their March Stipends but this Corona virus epidemic is putting fear on the Beneficiaries Weather their stipends will be paid to them or not, we at Legitinfor are assuring the beneficiaries that their stipends will be paid to them, Corona virus will not stop federal government from paying Beneficiaries their deserved stipends other countries are releasing money for their citizens welfare, all npower entitlements will be fully settled.

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You are advised to Make sure that you BVN and Bank account including bank name is correctly inputted in your npower dashboard, if you are not sure please login here from this link to confirm.

All volunteers should take note that payment will be made when due, you are advised not to panic and in this corona virus era you as npower volunteer you are advised to also play a part in informing and educating people about the danger of the virus and about self isolating.

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Npower March payment will be made between March 30 to first week of April 2020, if you are having issues being paid please kindly use the comment box to let us know about the problem and we shall attend to you immediately and your issue will be solved.

Also be informed that reasons why npower payment got delayed is because of the bank you choose some banks are faster in paying out while some banks are very slow, so you are advised to either wait till you get paid or you visit your bank and complain to them and they will resolve the issue, thank you for stopping by.

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  1. My name is Amara Okechukwu, am an Nteach 2016 beneficiary.I had an issue of wrong spelling of name in my bank in December 2016 when it started. I resolved the issue in March 2017, then the first payment came in March 2017 which was for January 2017 and the rest continued thereafter till date, but that of December 2016 did not come. So I have backlog of December 2016. I have sent several emails to their support team but to no avail. Please advice me on what to do next. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Am sani haruna from bauchi state an npower beneficiary nhealth category I have not yet received my March stipend and there is nothing wrong with my profile everything is ok there pls help me out


    I’m Saidu Muhammad Tukur by name from Gombe State . I try to Upload my Deployment Letter but web side has Problem, if i uploaded will not be show, what will i due, pls Assist 07032618110

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