Npower Empowerment NEXIT Link Portal for Disengaged Volunteers

Npower Empowerment NEXIT Link Portal for Disengaged Volunteers

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Npower Empowerment NEXIT Link Portal for Disengaged Volunteers Npower Nexit Portal Login for all disengaged Beneficiaries, the Central Bank of Nigeria unveiled plan to empower all Npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries, so for you to be qualified you must have been Npower Batch A or B Beneficiaries, the Nexit Portal will enable Npower Volunteers to Login and apply for any Empowerment opportunities provided by CBN.

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The Nexit portal was Created in Collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria it will aid Npower Volunteers to access the portal and apply for the nexit empowerment economic entrepreneurship skill options which will be made available on the portal when the portal is finally launched.

The NExit portal was put in place to reduce unemployment among the disengaged npower Volunteers, the aim is to equip them with entrepreneurship skills needed to survive with, Many of you have been asking what is the Npower Nexit all about, just like i explained above it was born to help equip npower volunteers batch A and B with Economic skills that will make them to be self dependent and also able to employ small staffs within their various workforce.

the Npower CBN NEXIT portal Link for batch A and B Volunteers, this update is for you. The N-power NEXIT Portal URL is you’re to understand that the portal is not active now, once it’s active and accessible i’d let you all know about it.

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How to Apply for Npower NEXIT Registration 2020/2021:

If you want to apply for the Npower NEXIT CBN opportunities it will be through the normal npvn portal till the Nexit portal becomes active and accessible, all you need to do is visit the npvn portal and login with your details.

All you need to Know about Npower NEXIT Portal Registration

The Npower Nexit portal or registration portal is for Npower Volunteers who’ve completed their npower program, Disengaged Npower Beneficiaries

  1. Npower and CBN collaborated to set up the Nexit portal.
  2. Npower Exit portal will enable disengaged npower volunteers to choose from the various CBN empowerment opportunities that will be made available.
  3. Npower Volunteers who have completed their program need to visit the portal to register.
  4. you’ve to provide the necessary mandated documents in order for you to apply for any of the opportunities you do need to apply for.

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Npower Empowerment NEXIT Link Portal for Disengaged Volunteers

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