Npower Device Collection and selection 2020 Venue time for all Beneficiary

Npower Device Collection and selection 2020 Venue time for all Beneficiary

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Npower Device Collection and selection 2020 Venue time for all Beneficiary Today we shall give you detailed explanations on how to go about your Npower Device Collection in your various state of residence, This article will guide you as npower beneficiaries on how to go about picking up your npower devices without much troubles.

Npower device was designed by Npower technical teams to aid you as an npower volunteers in your primary place of assignment, so now you see how important this Npower device is to all npower volunteers all over the country,  this Npower Device is given both to Npower teach, Npower Agro, Npower Tax and Npower Health Beneficiaries so that you can carry out your daily duties without much stress knowing that you have information at your finger tip.

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Those eligible for this npower Device are Npower Beneficiaries 2016 and 2017 plus other Npower Volunteers, the distribution of this Npower Device will commence before the new intaked is selected, your device will l be give to you when due and when it is time for the collection and selection, but as it stands now we shall give you updated with information regarding to npower device collection and selection.

While writing your npower assessment test that actually was when you selected npower device, because of that most npower beneficiaries did not select npower device during the assessment test, because a lot of them was not aware that they are supposed to select npower device, but that should not bother you, because as npower beneficiary immediately you created your npower profile a device will be assigned to you immediately, so you are still getting a device after all.

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Below is the List of Available Npower devices that will be assigned to each npower Beneficiaries or Volunteers

  • Afrione 2in1 tab
  • Zinox Zpad tablet
  • Tecno pad
  • Samsung Tab E
  • RLG Tablet
  • Floss Signatures tablets
  • Speedstar Windows Tablet
  • Brain Npower IPad 1

Easy Method to Receive your Npower Device for all npower Beneficiaries

Make sure you get a message from Npower teams indicating time, date and location where you are billed to go and collected your device, waste no time go to the venue and pick up your device, but make sure you are there on time and that you also do not forget to go there with a means of identification it is important.

And if you are have not received any message from npower pertaining to your device it simply means that your device is not ready for collection, so you are advised to remain calm because you will be texted one day to come for your device, it is been done turn by turn.

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Please Note that before going for your npower device collection you must go with your bvn slip, it is required and it is compulsory, now how to get your bvn slip, you have to visit your bank where you enrolled for bvn ask them for the bvn slip and also do not forget to go to  the npower collection center with identity card it is mandatory.

Now after all this is done visit the device collection center and present to them all the requirement you came with, such as a text messaged from npower, the bank bvn slip and your government issued card and your device will be given to you immediately, Good-luck to you.

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Npower Device Collection and selection 2020 Venue time for all Beneficiary


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