Npower June Stipends payment updates for all Beneficiaries

Npower Beneficiaries not paid their stipends is Due to payment Parameter

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Npower Beneficiaries not paid their stipends is Due to payment Parameter Some days back the Minister of Humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya Umar Farouq confirm that The President of Nigeria Buhari has ordered her with immediate effect to pay the March 2020 npower Beneficiaries Stipends that has been lingered for long, many Npower Beneficiaries are not happy how their payment is being delayed every month, every month they will plead, shout and cry before the Government will do something.

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Right now a lot of Npower beneficiaries have lost their cools as so many of them are showing their displeasure online, most of them use facebook as a tool or medium to convey their message to Mr President about their unpaid March Salaries and some backlog payments not yet paid by Npower Nigeria.

Meanwhile Mr Afolabi broadcasts to Npower Beneficiaries in last Facebook video discussion, he talked about why Npower beneficiaries stipends payment get delayed sometimes even when payment has been dispatched, According to Mr Afolabi he revealed that there are two parameters involved in the NPower payment process, and according to him the first is that payment of npower volunteers is never done or carried out through any third party, he said that it is done directly. and that Secondly, payment of NPower beneficiaries pass through administrative processes carefully in order  to safeguard NPower volunteers from identity theft.

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If you can go through what Mr Afolabi said carefully, you will understand perfectly well what mean, and you will also know that during this period, some NPower Volunteers usually find it difficult to log in or to even access their NPVN dashboards, it usually happens at virtually every end of the month because that is when the NPower team usually update beneficiaries portal and to get each npower volunteers reports before payment commences.

The most important thing right now is that, Mr President has ordered payment of npower volunteers, with little patience all volunteers will be paid, nobody is holding back your payment just like some beneficiaries think that, most times banks do not pay them, npower does not pay through a third party so banks can never hold back your stipends.

If you have any issues pertaining to 2016 and 2017 backlog payments and you have any other issues about npower please do well to leave a comment below and we shall assist you further.

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