Npower Beneficiaries July Stipend Payment Continues from Today

Npower Beneficiaries July Stipend Payment Continues from Today

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Npower Beneficiaries July Stipend Payment Continues from Today As of today 5th of October 2020, Npower Volunteers July Payment is still on going to various Npower Beneficiaries Cut Across the Country.

It is no new topic that the Last batch of Npower stipend has commenced, and only the batch B set of 300,000 volunteers would get paid by the Federal Government. Please note that only Batch B exited volunteers will be credited- this were the words of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Social FMHSD

Congratulations to the lot of Batch B volunteers that received their due stipends during the previous weeks and s at last week. Sadly, some Batch B volunteers are yet to get theirs but the FMHDS has assured that as the week goes on, all eligible batch B volunteers will get paid, and as such they were urged to exercise patience as this was not an easy task.

The task not being easy is as a result of backlogs which were taking time to be sorted out. Some owed backlogs of over 14,000 volunteers have been sorted out, and once their bank statement is ascertained and other credentials validated, payment will be made in no time.

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After the meeting held some days back, it is come to our notice that the Office of the Accountant-General is waiting for the authorization from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to pay all backlogs owed to over 14,000 volunteers once their details are authenticated, verified and certified

“The only outstanding approval waiting that was forwarded to Accountant-General’s Office is for the payment of July Stipends is batch B beneficiaries, which we have started today”- Office of the Accountant General Federal [OAGF]

About 14000 beneficiaries that were omitted by the Accountant General’s Office during the payment from March to June 2020 as noticed by the Ministry could be among those rejected by the GIPMIS payment platform due to discrepancies identified with their accounts as conveyed to the ministry by the Accountant General’s office.

Speaking in the meeting he said, ”We have also requested affected volunteers to submit their bank statement, to ascertain the genuineness of their claim before we can disburse cash to them”

Adding to the above, he ascertained that ”We have started processing their five months pay as we speak, after confirming bank statements and credentials, payment of five months will be made”

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The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development had demanded various affected volunteers to submit their bank statement, ding this would help to ascertain the genuineness of their claims before cash be disbursed to them.

That being up and read, we advice you all to do the needful by submitting your bank statement to the portal and being expectant as the stipends payment is real and genuine.

Feel free to leave a comment should you be in doubt or amiss of anything concerning Npower recruitment. Thank you.

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Npower Beneficiaries July Stipend Payment Continues from Today

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