Npower Batch C1 Physical Verification Exercise Ends September 30th 2021

Npower Batch C1 Physical Verification Exercise Ends September 30th 2021 Npower Extended it’s Physical verification Exercise, and the extension is set to end this September 30th 2021, the Ongoing stream 1 Physical Verification Exercise will end on the 30th and they won’t be any further extension, those of us that are yet to undertake their Physical Verification Exercise are advised to do so as soon as possible.

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Many of you would like to be Redeployed because of one issues or the other, you’ll get an insight on how to apply for redeployment to a place of your choice.

How to Apply for npower Batch C  Redeployment exercise 2021

You can apply for Redeployment if you do not like where you are deployed to, or if you are under treatment or if you are married, whatever reasons at all and you want to be redeployed below is the process for the redeployment.

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  • Login to your Nasims Portal and print your deployment letter
  •  After Printing your deployment letter to your PPA and ask for Rejection form
  • Go back to your Nasims portal and upload that rejection form to your dashboard
  • Then Visit the PPA you’ll like to be redeployed to, ask for Acceptance letter go back to your portal and upload it alongside the rejection form
  • After the Successful upload, apply for redeployment, you’ve to patients it can take 1 day to 3 days for your redeployment to be successful

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Information On Npower Batch C Placement Of Primary Assignment Deployment 2021

As soon as you are done with your physical verification, Npower beneficiaries are advised to download their deployment letter from their various Nasims Dashboard  and also to proceed to their designated places of Primary Assignment between 4th October 2021, – 8th October 2021.

Npower Batch C Deployment letters are to be duly filled and authorized signature penned on it by the  Authorized Npower Staff or Personnel in relevant Places of Primary Assignment across the country, the Deployment letter must either accepted or rejected 

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If the Deployment Letter is accepted, the beneficiary is mandated to update their status and upload acceptance letters on the NASIMS dashboard.

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But incase of Rejected by the Personnel, The beneficiaries are to apply for redeployment and upload rejection letters on the NASIMS dashboard and any Beneficiaries who wish to redeploy within their states of residence may do so via the Npower NASIMS Dashboard.

If you have any further questions to ask please use the comment box below this article and we’ll attend to it almost immediately.

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Npower Batch C1 Physical Verification Exercise Ends September 30th 2021

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  1. I did my physical last week Thursday…and till now my dashboard has been showing pending in the verification status. How do I correct this?

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