Npower Batch C screening Test Cut off Mark on Nasims Portal

Npower Batch C screening Test Cut off Mark on Nasims Portal

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Npower Batch C screening Test Cut off Mark on Nasims Portal Today we shall talk about npower Batch C NASIMS Portal screening score cut off mark for npower applicants, your screening score determines your chances of being selected. This post will enable you know where you stand.

Npower screening test results from Applicants who have took the test, are posted on social media to share their marks with their fellow applicants. Some of the applicants scored below the cut off marks, some had the exact cut off marks, while others had scores above the cut off marks.

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The most frequent question asked by the Applicants is how to know the Npower test screening cut off mark.

Even though the Npower team have not really said the screening cutoff mark for the  batch C test, we assume  that “NPower Batch ‘C’ Cut Off Mark For Screening Test’ online test is the mark needed to reach the next part of the selection process in the programme.

However the chances of reaching  the next part after writing the test may be dependent on the overall performance of the State you are from. If the score of majority of  Applicants from your state is more than average then the possibility of the applicants who scored low moving to the next part will be really slim. If the performance of most Applicants in your state is less than average, then there is a possibility of those who had low scores being considered.

The N-power screening test is completely different from any other test that you have written in your respective schools. The school test makes you compete with each other to have good results, but the Npower allows you compete other applicants. In your school tests, your grades is determined by the work you had put in, but in the N-power  screening test your chances of being selected is based on the number of applicants you score higher than.

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What Is The N-power Batch C Cut Off Mark For The Screening Test on NASIMS Portal

Note that the Npower  Batch ‘C‘ Cut Off Mark’ for the screening test has not been related to anyone. The cut off mark may be 40%, but the applicants are advised to have 50% and above to increase the possibility of being chosen.

N-power screening test for Batch ‘C’  is a highly competitive test where you have to compete with approximately 4-5million other applicants and only the outstanding 500,000 will be selected . Higher test score is the best way possible to increase your chances of being selected.

If you have other questions to ask about N-power Batch C screening test cut off mark that you are not sure of, please do well to use the comment section and we will give you a feedback immediately.

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Npower Batch C screening Test Cut off Mark on Nasims Portal

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