New Npower 2020/2021 registration link portal for Batch c applicants

Npower Batch C registration Details 2020

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Npower Batch C registration Details 2020 For you to get recruited by Npower now that Npower Batch C registration is on going, there are certain things you ought to put in mind, so that you will be able to avoid some certain mistakes which npower Batch A and B Beneficiaries did.

Npower Batch C registration Updates 2020

If you did change of Name for any reason make sure it is showing on any certificate you wish to use in registering for npower Batch c.

It’s often advisable you apply your self, it is usually not advisable you give anyone to apply for you, most times this cafe boys tends to do mistakes that may cost you a lot because of negligence  on the part of the cafe guys

Make sure you take your time to cross check everything carefully before submitting, because in some cases you might make mistakes without even knowing it.


Moreover make sure your account number is active and that the account details you want to use is linked to your Bvn, Bank Verification Number.

If your name is e;g Matthew don’t input Matt, if your name is Janet don’t make the mistake of using Jane, you must input your name the way it is

Before you register for npower make sure all your details are up to date if not you may end not getting your stipends paid to you at, many beneficiaries stayed up to 8 months without getting paid because of wrong details and i’m so such you won’t allow such to happen to you at all

Register your details including your name the way it appeared in your bank, use exactly your bank details to apply for npower batch c recruitment exercise 2020 and you won’t have any problem at all.

You can apply for npower batch recruitment exercise by clicking on this link

After npower batch c registration below is the reason you may not get paid 

  • Invalid bvn number
  • inconsistency with names, your names do not match with what you have in your bank
  • Your bank account is not attached with your bvn
  • Also Note if you are using a student bank account that can’t receive more than 20k at a time please go to your bank to upgrade your account immediately.

If you are experiencing any problem with your registration or you need our help please leave a comment immediately, if you want to join our whatsapp group please do well to leave a comment below with your whatsapp number.

Npower Batch C registration Details 2020

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