Npower Batch C Latest Updates on Stream 1&2 Shortlisting 2021

Npower Batch C Latest Updates on Stream 1&2 Shortlisting 2021

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Npower Batch C Latest Updates on Stream 1&2 Shortlisting 2021 This post talks about npower batch c shortlisted candidates for Stream 1&2 and also for everyone of us that applied for the npower batch C Exercise for the 2021 Phase, some people talked about npower shortlisting for stream 2, we are going to write about it, we need to clarify some things and also have some questions about npower shortlisting answered.

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According to NASIMS Correspondent when asked if shortlisting for stream 2 is currently on going the npower batch c correspondent said that stream 2 shortlisting is still on hold, why is the stream 2 shortlisting still on hold? this and many other questions will be answered here, and also any questions that you want to ask feel free to use the comment box below this article.

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Now Npower Stream 2 shortlisting is on hold because nasims is still shortlisting for npower batch c stream 1 applicants, and there is no date when stream 1 applicants shortlisting will be over for npower to begin shortlisting for stream 2 applicants, but it’s very likely that before the end of July npower would have finished shortlisting for stream 1&2, Remember Biometric Verification is still on, and it’s very much important you go ahead with your biometric to avoid being among the 50k applicants that will be dropped.

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It’s so Unbelievable that many of the Npower batch C applicant still did not believe that there is something like stream 2 after the stream 1 Shortlisting, A lot of the applicants keep saying that there is nothing like stream two, they have forgotten that npower will shortlist 1 Million applicants, and that 1 million applicants is being divided into two segments, which is stream one and two respectively.

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So to those of you that are yet to be shortlisted, please understand this, that npower is still shortlisting for stream1 and as such they are many chances of you being shortlisted, do not write yourself off yet, Npower have a way in which they operate and also ways the shortlisting is being done, if you write the test and you have a score you will be shortlisted, except otherwise that the number of people needed for the program is complete, but for now they are still shortlisting almost everyday.

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If you have any questions or issues pertaining to npower shortlisting, stipends, biometric or device use the comment box below this article tell us whatever you have in mind and we shall respond to you immediately.

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Npower Batch C Latest Updates on Stream 1&2 Shortlisting 2021




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    Sir, I scored 75 percent and I av not been shortlisted. So I think it depend on who you know because I don’t understand the management team any more. Thanks

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    Let consider Long-time Jobless Graduate, if we really Fair to ourselves. This is my third time applying Npower, but yet all hope is not avail. Pius wuyep Malyok.
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