Npower Batch C Deployed Volunteers Will get 40k to 10k Naira as Stipends

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Npower Batch C Deployed Volunteers Will get 40k to 10k Naira as Stipends Many npower batch C volunteers have been asking questions pertaining to the amount of money they will receive each month as stipends, now this post will answer all your questions about npower stipends payment and how much each Categories of npower Volunteers will be paid at the end of the month, it will interest you to note that some categories of npower will earn as much as 40k Naira while some will get as low as 10k naira each month.

We’re going to break everything down for you to understand, npower is sub divided into two main groups which is Graduates and Non Graduates, now the Graduates Group for the stream 1 is 450,000 Volunteers while the Non Graduates for the Stream 1 is 60k Volunteers Respectively, the Graduates group are likely to earn more than the non Graduates Group, the graduates group can earn as much as 40k while the non graduates is pen to as low as 10k each month.

Now we are putting down the necessary breakdown for the npower wages or salary, below is the payment amount payable to Volunteers and also applicable to npower Batch C, also note that those with SSCE Secondary School Certificate Examination, Primary Certificate Holders and those with no viable Certificate receive as low as 10k monthly Stipend:

  1. Npower Batch C Salary Stipends Break down for deployed Volunteers 2021/2022
  2. Npower Build Monthly stipend: 27k to 30k monthly
  3. Npower Tech Hardware Monthly stipend: 20k to 40k monthly stipend
  4. Npower Tech Software Monthly stipend: 20k to 4k monthly stipend
  5. Npower Creative Monthly Salary: 10k to 30k monthly pay
  1. Npower Agro Monthly pay: 25k to 30k monthly 
  2. Npower Teach Month stipend: 28-30k naira monthly
  3. Npower Community Education stipend: 10k to 30k monthly 

This Npower Batch C Salary Structure can change to be more Beneficiary to the Volunteers, npower can decide to change the salary structure at any point in time, this article only gives you the insight about the stipends that is awaiting the Batch C  both Stream 1&2 respectively, Meanwhile you can download Npower Batch C Full shortlisted Names of Volunteers 

Npower Batch C Deployed Volunteers Will get 40k to 10k Naira as Stipends

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