Npower April stipends payment updates for all npower Beneficiaries

Npower April stipends payment updates for all npower Beneficiaries

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Npower April stipends payment updates for all npower Beneficiaries That is what we are going to discuss today, how to get all your stipends and backlog payment from npower from the previous years till today April 2020, if you are worried about your April npower stipends payment, i want to share with you, that you should not worry your self again because you are at the right place.

Npower March payment is still on going, those of you who are yet to be paid their Npower March stipends, you are advised to exercise patience, because every npower beneficiary will be paid their march and April stipends.

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Today we shall give you guidelines on how to go about getting all previous stipends and backlog paid into your account by npower, at this corona virus period at this period where everything is hard, Npower is supposed to pay all volunteers their benefits or entitlements without wasting much time on it.

How to get your April stipends salaries and backlog paid to your Account

Before npower will pay all volunteers outstanding payments all volunteers must make sure that they did not have any negative feedback from their Place of Primary Assignment PPA.

why all majority of npower beneficiaries are yet to get paid including stipends and backlog is because of the negative feedback coming from their various PPA straight to the Npower headquarter and that is a bad one.

Today i will show you how to get your previous npower stipends and backlog payment of 2016 till date, how to get them all paid to your account, and today i shall equally discuss about npower delay payment and how to put a stop to it.

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to get your npower April payment such as stipends backlog and salaries or wages paid to you, you must follow this little guidelines below:

  1. Make sure that every report coming from your PPA is not negative but a positive report
  2. Make sure that you visit your PPA regularly and also on time
  3. Make sure that the wok you are assigned to do at your PPA is well executed
  4. Make sure that there is no bad report about your person.

if you pass all this i said above and yet you still find it hard to get paid then here is the stage two of the guideline that will enable you get paid faster.

  • First of all you have to Login to Npower dashboard portal HERE
  • Secondly you have to Scan and upload you Appointment Letter to npower portal
  • Thirdly you have to Upload your Place of Primary Assignment name
  • Lastly you will have to Scan and your upload Bank account statements from the period you were not paid by npower.

After you are done with this two guidelines above believe me there is no way you will not get your April payment and stipends and backlog paid to your account as soon as possible.

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But if after trying everything and you are yet to get paid, what you should do is use the comment box below and state your problem and we shall hastily help you out of it, there is no npower problem that we at legitinfor do not have the solution for, Just leave a comment below and your npower problems will be over, thank you for coming, Good luck to you.

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Npower April stipends payment updates for all npower Beneficiaries

34 thoughts on “Npower April stipends payment updates for all npower Beneficiaries”

  1. Muoka Ogochukwu Cecilia

    My March stipend have not been paid, am from Anambra State with the account number:
    Name: Muoka Ogochukwu Cecilia
    Bank: First bank
    A/c no: 30963343516
    Batch B, Nteach, thanks

    1. Hello Muoka Cecilia, we have gotten your request be assured that we shall forward this to the appropriate authorities so that they can look into this and also be assured that you will get a positive feed back as soon as possible, stay safe, remain blessed.

  2. Hello, my name is Kabiru Muhammad Aliyu, from sokoto state, I am under the category of n- agro with Bach b that is 2017. I thank you for the great work you have been doing, I was existed since August last year, I did all the things that are required to be done but they didn’t pay me, but luckily for me, they paid me my march stipends. I hope that my 5 month backlogs are going to be paid. May God help and bless the honorable minister and the management who are making endless effort to see that all volunteers are paid. God bless. Thanking in anticipation

    1. Good news that your march stipend was paid to you after being exited since August last, we shall make a fresh post on how to get all your remaining backlogs paid to you so stay tune with us, stay safe, remain blessed

      1. Abdullahi Sulaiman Ahmad

        I haven’t receive my march stipend
        Abdullahi Sulaiman Ahmad
        N-Agro Batch B
        Bank UBA:2068915654(Sulaiman Ahmad)

    1. We shall forward this complaints to the appropriate npower authorities you are advised to leave with us your details full name, state and PPA name

  3. Name: Kabiru Muhammad Aliyu
    State: Sokoto State
    PPA: Mabera Gagi C
    Local government: sokoto south
    Batch: Batch B 2017
    Category: n-agro
    Npower Id: 1058093
    Thank you once again. God bless. I am punctual to my ppa and that is my only source of income. Thanks again. I will for ever greatfull.

    1. Ok, i will contact the right appropriate Authorities on your behalf but if you wish to contact them by your self i can forward to you npower solution room contact details

      1. Thank you very much, I would really aporiciate your assistant and also you might also share me npower solution room contact details. At Least let us all play our part. Once again thank u for your support and God bless.

    1. Oluyemi Serah Abidola

      My March stipend is yet to be paid, My name is Oluyemi Serah Abidola, nteach and I’m from Kwara. Account details
      0049662848 GTBANK
      Oluyemi Serah Abidola
      Please help look into this,thanks.

    1. Also keep contacting them both on twitter and facebook do not stop contacting them for them to pay you the march stipends it means that your problem is about to get solved completely so keep contacting them

    1. I will teach you how to reset your npower password, do you still have access to the email and phone number you used in registering for npower?

  4. Hello ebuka, something have been worrying me, as in their customer care for npower sent me 2 emails right now, one of the agent said my complain is going to be address on two working days while the other mail said I am going to deposit some money into one account, they gave me the account number, please I would like u to send me your email address or watts up number to screen shot the email they sent to me to verify not to fall for scam among their agent. I await your reply

    1. I’m happy that you got a positive email, the one that asked you to deposit some money into their account is scam the one that said your complaints will be addressed into working days is legit.
      Nevertheless forward the two emails to me so I can run a scan on them.
      Forward the emails here

    1. that refund they are asking from you, is the one you got, the march stipends, they need the money back. they are thinking they sent the money to you in error, so it is up to you to either forward the money back to them, or you keep it, but it maybe advisable you send it back to them.
      that is my advise.

    2. according to my findings when you wrote to Npower, you told them, you where exited since August last year, and that you got paid march stipends that is why they are asking you to refund the money back to them, so you have to refund it.

      1. I don’t understand why I have to refund the money, at least I sent them my dashboard and my attestation letter sign by my head of ppa so dat I can be enrolled back. Because now self I have spend the money finish. At least they have my database and everything concerning me. At least I know some volunteers that their backlogs was paid without them sending any money to them.

        1. those volunteers their backlogs was paid did not write npower telling them they got exited and also that they received backlogs after being exited, so the problem here is that you already told them, and yes you may be reinstated and once you are reinstated they might pay you back everything.
          just be hopeful npower replies you in two working days like they claimed they would, so that we can know the next action to take.

          1. you are very much welcome sir, if there is anything more i can do for you please let me know, because you guys are the reason i’m here.

  5. Victor Okon Bassey

    Thank you for the great work you have been doing,
    My is Victor Okon Bassey, indigen of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, N-power beneficiaries batch B under N-AGRO, PPA Agric Extension Okobo Local Government, phone number ( 07030811918).
    I was worried since on August 2018 to June 2019 i have not been paid, I did all the things that are required to be but they didn’t pay me, but luckily for me they stated paid from July 2019 to date.
    I make an appeal to Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster management and Social Development to look into my 10 months of bank backlog payment. Thank you for understanding.

  6. Mohammed haruna

    Good day sir, pls sir, I have two problems that I want you to help me am yet to receive my march and April stipent I don’t know what the problem is because I have never experience such delay in payment. Am Mohammed haruna by name from Niger state. Secondly, since the beginning of this program I have been used my bank account with out having problem with then, one day I was send a massage to update my account, to cut the story short they issue me new account number which is 0038285563 and my old account is 0005734801, so is this old account that npower recognized, if npower sent money into my old account it will take like one week before it will reflect in my new account, am tired of this, may be is the cause’s of delay in my march and April stipend. Pls sir help me solve it, god bless you thanks.

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