NALDA set to Train and Employ 37000 Nigerian Youths Nationwide

NALDA set to Train and Employ 37000 Nigerian Youths Nationwide

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NALDA set to Train and Employ 37000 Nigerian Youths Nationwide the National Agricultural Land Development Authority, under the Presidency, we are saddled with the mandate of harnessing the full potentials of the vast arable lands in Nigeria, empowering small Holder and large Scale Farmers and mechanize, support the drive for Food and Fiber security while assisting in diversifying the nation’s economy, improving household incomes and enhancing revenue mobilization and generation nationwide.

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Nalda is putting things in place to employ train and engage 37,000 youths as soil doctors across the 36 states including FCT. The long term goal of the partnership centers on engaging young Nigerian into the scientific method of farming to aid better crop yields and food security across the Nation.

The core essence of this engagement programme is geared towards creating a pool of qualified Nigerian youth who will carry out soil tests, soil management and extension services for farmers across the nation at a very subsidized rate. Read also How To Apply For National Young Farmers Scheme 2020 – 2021

The programme is targeted at young Nigerian graduates who have a background in agriculture or sciences, the potential graduate must be passionate about agric business and food security in Nigeria. At the end of a 14-day training on soil testing, soil management and extension services, NALDA will equip Graduates of the Program with soil test kits to practice and also to earn from.

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The general objective of this programme is to train and equip young Nigerian graduates with soil test, soil management and extension services skills. The young doctors will assist farmers to evaluate their soil, identify soil nutrients and prescribe fertilizers and crops suitable for their farm lands for a better yield.

This article will be updated constantly as Nalda releases information pertaining to training and employing the 37000 Nigerian Youths Nationwide, if you need more information about this Nalda job/recruitment 2021 or you wish to apply for this opportunity please leave a comment using the comment box below this article and also do not forget to subscribe with us.

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NALDA set to Train and Employ 37000 Nigerian Youths Nationwide

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