Mpower Study Loan Application Form 2022/2023 for Students

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Apply for 2022/2023 Mpower Study Loan Application Form for students from across the world. Get loan to sponsor your academic pursuit, apply online for Mpower Study Loan Application Form. See details under.

Do you need Mpower Study Loan?

Mpower study loan is for students from across the world who aspire to further their studies abroad but can’t access funds required to pay their tuition fees and other necessities.

Mpower study loan was designed to give loans to students who have gotten admission to study at any of the over 350 Mpower accredited universities across US and Canada.

Yes, students who wish to study for their bachelors’ degrees or Masters’ degrees in the United States or Canada can benefit from this study loan opportunity provided by a group of individuals who are passionate about helping underprivileged people from around the world get their dream education through low-interest-rate loan ranging from $2,001 – $50,000.

Requirements/Eligibility for Mpower Study Loan Application Form 2022/2023

  1. If you are studying in any of the accredited universities already, you must be within 2 years of graduating or about to start a 2 or 1 year programme.
  2. As an international student, you must have applied and offered admission by any of the accredited universities.
  3. If you are a US citizen, DACA recipient, refugee or asylum seeker, you can apply for the loan.

How to apply/register for Mpower Study Loan Application Form 2022/2023 for Students

Steps below will help you to apply/register for Mpower Financing Loan Application Form.

To apply for this loan, please visit

  1. Then click on login on the page. Then click on register to create an account.
  2. An email link will be sent to your inbox. Click on the link to activate the account.
  3. Use the details of the account you have created to login.
  4. Click on “Get a loan” and fill in all the required information.
  5. Upload necessary documents to the site’s dashboard.
  6. Watch the intro video and complete a brief assessment.

How to get approval for Mpower Financing Loan Application Form

Upon the validation of your uploaded documents and final approval, you will be offered visa support letter if you request for it.

Mpower Study Loan Disbursement

At this stage, you are advised to hold on while your university confirms your enrollment status. Once this is addressed, your loan will be disbursed directly to your school on the date the school request it be done.

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