Mortgage Loan 2023 Application Form in Nigeria

Mortgage Loan 2023 Application Form in Nigeria

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Here we will be focusing on how to obtain Mortgage Loan 2023 Application Form in Nigeria, qualifications, requirements and steps to apply online and banks that offer Mortgage Loan in Nigeria. Mortgage Loan will make you property owner and make you to own a home of your dream. Read carefully under.

Mortgage Loan in Nigeria are Loans used to finance a property like those who dream of acquiring a home through loan or option of making installment payments for a home, to get all this you need to apply for Mortgage Loan 2023 Application Form.

This article will help to list out banks in Nigeria that offer Mortgage Loan.

Banks that give Mortgage Loans in Nigeria 2023

  1. Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc
  2. Abbey Building Society Pl
  3. First Trust Mortgage Bank Plc.
  4. Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank
  5. Delta Trust Mortgage Bank Ltd.
  6. Jigawa Savings & Loans.
  7. City Code Savings & Loans Limited.
  8. AG Homes Savings & Loans Limited.
  9. LivingTrust Mortgage Bank Plc (Formerly Omoluabi Mortgage Bank Plc)
  10. Lagos Building Investment Company Plc
  11. Brent Mortgage Bank Limited
  12. Gateway Mortgage Bank Ltd
  13. FHA Homes Savings & Loans Ltd
  14. Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank Plc
  15. Homebase Mortgage Bank Limited
  16. First Generation Mortgage Bank Ltd
  17. Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd

Requirement/Eligibility to apply for Mortgage Loan 2023 Application Form in Nigeria

As it stands in Nigeria, anyone can apply for a mortgage as long as they have a job or a source of income.

Nigerian mortgage lending companies are interested in the following requirements:

  • Your monthly income and expenditure
  • Your debt profile
  • The value of the property you want
  • Determine if the mortgage is something you can afford.

Best way to obtain Mortgage Loan in Nigeria

  1. Save for a down payment
  2. Find home-buying schemes
  3. Make long-term plans
  4. After making your deposit and evaluating multiple mortgage offerss start looking for a home
  5. Obtain a mortgage loan after setting up your budget and deposit

Steps to apply for 2023 Mortgage Loan in Nigeria

To obtain Mortgage Loan in Nigeria online is very simply and easier.

Apply for Mortgage Loan and acquire properties; use this link:

You can also apply for Federal Housing Loan by Federal Government of Nigeria here

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