Jiji Black Friday November 2020 How to Buy Cheap Products from Jumia & Jiji

Jiji Black Friday November 2020 How to Buy Cheap Products from Jumia & Jiji

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Jiji Black Friday November 2020 How to Buy Cheap Products from Jumia & Jiji Jumia and Jiji Black Friday starts today 6th of November 2020 to 30th of November 2020, Black Friday is where you can buy so many things from Malls at a really good prices most times you can purchase product at half it’s Original Price, so today we are compiling the two Online well Known Nigerian Electronic Markets which is Jiji and Jumia.

Today you will learn how to make use of this 2020 black Friday to get things incredibly cheap for your self and Family, you have to be prepared as i take you through the world of easy and cheaper Purchase this Black Friday Month.

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Jumia Black Friday is Fun because you can really get expensive product at a cheap affordable unbelievable prices, i will teach you how to make use of this black Friday opportunity to create account and Buy from Jumia, Many people buy and resell whatever the case maybe we will show you how to make some cash through this Black Friday Period.

How to Create account/Login and Buy From Jumia Online this Black Friday 2020/2021

  1. To Create account from you Jumia, you have to Visit the Jumia official website Click Here to Visit
  2. You can buy Products from Jumia without logging in or Creating account, but we still show you how to create account
  3. When you have visited Jumia official website, click on the Login Button at the Homepage
  4. if you have an account with them already input your login details which is in form of email and password.
  5. if you do not have an account with Jumia click on create account and fill the form and click on the create account Button
  6. after an email will be sent to your mail box to verify your account once that is done, your account is fully created
  7. Now you can fund your jumia account or link your atm or credit/debit card to your jumia account so you can buy goods or order for Jumia services
  8. after everything then order any product you want and the prices will be slashed for you.

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I tried to be as brief as i can and i also used a simple English so that it could be beneficial to everyone, now with all i just talked about Jumia black Friday sales if you have some questions, please do well to use the comment box.

How to Create Account/Login Buy from Jiji Nigeria this Black Firday 2020/2021

Jiji is Operates differently from Jumia, but their kind of Business relates, Jumia is a company a kind of an Online Shopping Mall company where the company is charge of 90 person of everything sold on Jumia, But Jiji is an open source E-commerce site where the General Public can post any of their Product for sale and you the meet up with the buyer and inspects the product to be in Good shape before parting with your Money.

  • To Create account with Jiji Nigeria Click Here
  • If you have an account with them already just click on Login
  • If you do not have account with them, click on create account, Just like Jumia fill the Necessary things and clcik on submit Button
  • A confirmation Mail will be sent to you click on the mail to verify your account

Whatever you are buying from Jiji make sure you do not part with your cash no matter how small it is, always meet the seller or buyer in a public place, inspect whatever you are buying make sure it’s in goo shape before paying, because you won’t be able to enjoy the kind of buyer to seller Protection in which jumia Provides you can’t enjoy it with Jiji.

If you need more information about Jiji or you wish to contribute to this article Please do well leave a comment below this post using the Comment box.

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Jiji Black Friday November 2020 How to Buy Cheap Products from Jumia & Jiji

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