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How to quickly print Npower Application registration Slip with your Phone

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How to quickly print Npower Application registration Slip with your Phone After applying for the Npower registration which is still ongoing, the Npower recruitment applicants who have registered for Npower batch C recruitment application are expected to have to know that the next stage is getting your NPower application slip printed and continue waiting for the next step which will be disclosed in due course after the registration is done, part of the next stages includes an assessment  test and selection of qualified candidates.

Steps on How to Download and Print NPower Application Slip

Many applicants have no idea as to how they would print out their Npower Application Slip but this post was made to enlighten the general Npower world on how they can print it out as this application slip is very vital to NPower applicants for future reference.

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Steps on how you can print your application slip, can be done in two [2] ways, it is left to you to choose which one is more convenient to you to make use of.

1) Printing your NPower Application Slip via Email

After you must have provided every required information and credentials on the NPower Recruitment Registration Portal, you will get a notification with your application reference number that should like this NPWR/2020/NTECH1-XXXXXXXX, with an accompanying message saying “Your application was successful! A copy of your responses has been sent to
your registered email. Next steps would be communicated to you in due time.” You are required to take note of the reference number as it is very important.
The next step for you to take is for you to check your email inbox, both the spam mail, you will find a congratulatory email from the Npower Application Portal containing your confirmation slip.
Now you can go ahead to a cyber cafe and print a copy and keep it safe for future purposes.
No need to panic, even if you did not receive the confirmation mail since your application was successful submitted without any issue, with a message after submission with your application reference number like the one above then you are good to go, your mail can come anytime.

2) How To Print NPower Application Slip Through Portal.

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Should the case be that you cannot access your NPower Application Slip through Email, either maybe you forgot your email password or you lost your phone,there is yet another method to get your Npower application slip printed, which is through the Npower recruitment portal fmhds portal via

Simply visit the N-Power Recruitment Application Portal via
Input your registered email and password and proceed to login
If there is a provision for printing of slip on the portal, you will see it there after a successful login. Print and keep your confirmation slip safe for future purposes.

Good luck on your Slip printing. For questions or complaints, feel free to leave a comment, and we will get back to you in due time.

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How to quickly print Npower Application registration Slip with your Phone

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