How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status on NASIMS Portal 2021

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How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status on NASIMS Portal 2021 Today we shall talk about how you can check your Npower Batch C Deployment Letter on the nasims portal 2021, after you may have written your npower screening exams and you’ve seen your npower batch c screening score the next stage is checking your npower batch c deployment Status on the nasims portal.

This is strictly for npower applicants who applied for the npower batch c programme and who have successful been on-boarded into the nasims portal, you’er advised to stay till the end f this post so you can successfully access and check your deployment status.

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The deployment page on the NASIMS portal is where beneficiaries of the Npower batch C can check to know if they have been deployed to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). So for those of you asking questions about the deployment status, this post will guide you on how to check your Npower deployment status or posting for Batch ‘C’ 2021 Beneficiaries.

How to check Npower Batch C deployment status on the Nasims portal 

  1. First thing to do is Visit npower batch c nasims portal,
  2. Secondly Login to your nasims portal account with your registered Password and Email Address.
  3. Thirdly Click on the ‘Deployment’ button at the top side of your NASIMS profile.
  4. Then after clicking on the deployment button, your N-power deployment status will be displayed, you may chose to screenshot it, or you can go and print your npower batch c deployment letter

If Npower have deployed you, you will get a response text like this: Congratulations!!! Dear [Your name will  inside this bracket],
you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.

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In case you’er not yet deployed you will get this as a response: “Dear [your name will be here], you have not been deployed yet.
Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set.

Deployment date is yet to be announced, should in case you’er not yet deployed please do not panic, because deployment will begin as soon as the npower screening test 2021 is over, and  npower names of successful shortlisted Applicants is published then deployment will commence.

If you’er facing any challenges with Npower batch C nasims portal please use the comment box below this article to reach us and we shall reply you immediately.

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How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status on NASIMS Portal 2021

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