How to Check if your Npower Batch C Biometric is Successfully Enrolled

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How to Check if your Npower Batch C Biometric is Successfully Enrolled As Npower Biometric Verification enrollment ends today, we are bringing you some very important information on how you can easily check to see if your Npower Batch C Biometric verification is successfully captured or not, prior to this post many of us do not know how to check or confirm the Success of our npower biometric enrollment.

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You must understand that the success of your deployment is perfectly Linked to this Biometric exercise so you will have to take this exercise very seriously and make sure that your biometric is successfully and fully carried out, many of you that faced some difficulties in during your Biometric and in some cases you do not know if the biometric exercise was successful or not.

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How to Confirm if your Biometric Capturing was Successful through Npower NASIMS portal

  • Make sure the Necessary stuffs needed for the capturing is ready and that you are equally set.
  • Visit Nasims portal through this Link
  • Login with your nasims portal or npower application ID
  • After successful Login, Click on the Verification Button to ascertain if the biometric was successful
  • After all this stuffs and your fingerprint capture was successful it will states so that it was successfully captured otherwise you will have to recapture again for clarity sake.

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You must understand that this finger print capturing is in line with your final npower physical Verification exercise, Npower will kick start the onboarding of new volunteers very soon, for you to be successful you must leave no stone unturned in making sure you carry out instructions to the last word.

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Npower will shortlist and onboard one Million volunteers across Nigeria, the onboarding will be done in two ways concurrently nationwide, First 500k Volunteers Secondly which is Stream 2 500k Volunteers summing it up to One Million Volunteers.

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How to Check if your Npower Batch C Biometric is Successfully Enrolled

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