How to Apply for NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Non Interest Loan 2021

How to Apply for NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Non Interest Loan 2021

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How to Apply for NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Non Interest Loan 2021 Nirsal Microfinance Bank is Back and better and you know the good thing is, you can apply for Loan in a more better way or method of which we will be discussing today, are you facing any Financial Challenges for your Business or for Household, with this method I will outline here today you’ll be able to access the Nirsal Non interest loan and have it deposited to your bank account Nationwide.

If you can recall previously NIRSAL Microfinance Bank went on break, the bank took the Decision because the in order to upgrade the online Loan Platform making it more modern, and also with the aim of serving a large number of People, eventually the new upgraded site was launched some days ago, and i can say that they’re some positive changes.

They’re 3 Types of Loan you can apply on the NIRSAL website the loans are as follows:

1. NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Agsmeis Non Interest Loan Facilities will assist you in the process of building a businesses or expanding an existing business, and maintaining your lifestyle, you’ll have to pass through the Following Processes before you can be credited.

  1. Your BVN is required
  2. Your Information
  3. Bio-data
  4. Business Information
  5. Financing Information
  6. Guarantor
  7. Declaration
  8. Accept offer Letter
  9. Accept undertaking to Buy
  10. Accept agency agreement
  11. Vendor details for disbursal of Funds

2. Non Interest Household TCF: Non Interest House hold is Sub divided into two Namely Household and SME, like the name implies household Loan does not require much unlike the other ones and the Household loan carry’s the smallest amount of money which is from 50k to 300k naira, Payable in 12 months after receiving the money, While the SME is for Small and Medium Scale enterprises or you can say Businesses that needed funding.

3. Non Interest TCF Loan: TCF loan application through NIRSAL website requires almost the same thing as AGSMEIS, SME and house hold requires, same amount of time.

If you are interested in any of this loan you can apply for the one that you need, but if you have applied before there’s a column provided for returning visitors just go to the site, Click on returning button if you are returning, enter your bvn, surname and your reference number, but if you are not returning then click on the New Button to start your loan application processes.

Link to apply online

If you are interested in applying for any of the Loan follow this Link to apply for the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Loan 2021.

If you are facing any challenges that requires we assist you with information on how to solve the problem please use the comment box below this article to write to us.

How to Apply for NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Non Interest Loan 2021

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