How the Monthly Stipends will be paid to Npower Batch C Applicants

How the Monthly Stipends will be paid to Npower Batch C Applicants

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How the Monthly Stipends will be paid to Npower Batch C Applicants This article will touch a lot about npower batch c, ranging from stipends payment to Npower Batch c device and other things that you applicants should know, Npower Batch C monthly payment will be done in a different manner, if you notice majorly Government establishment make and receives payment with Remita, as it stands now, npower batch c will not get paid through remita.

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GIFMIS will be a platform that will be used to dispatch payment to npower Batch C applicants, as soon as  payment starts, GIFMIS was also responsible for not paying the monthly stipends to some npower batch A&B, Citing errors is the reason for not paying them as at when due.

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According to Minister of Finance and Budget, there will be timely payment for this incoming batch c Volunteers, there will not be any reason not to pay any volunteer so long you as an applicant/volunteer meets the requirements and that you are not found wanting, your stipends will be remitted to you as at when due.

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It will also interest you to note that Batch C Applicants will not be given any Devices at all, in order to make up for the no device, the Federal Government will recruit 1 Million batch c applicants and also while promising timely payment for all, your stipends will be credited to your account as at when due, Batch A&B had series of payment issues such as late payment, Npower backlog issues, and some volunteers as at then Npower owed them up to 3 months to four months backlog unpaid.

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Federal Government is putting a lot in place to make sure that the incoming npower Volunteers, do not suffer what their predecessors suffered, mostly with devices and stipends, Npower is still shortlisting stream 1 after which they will shortlist stream 2, so if you are yet to be shortlisted please remain calm as they are putting everything in place to make sure that you are shortlisted

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If you are facing any challenges or you want your questions answered, you can reach us by leavening a comment using the comment box below this article, just tell us what you think, if this Batch C will be better than the previous A&B or if it will be the same or even below.

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How the Monthly Stipends will be paid to Npower Batch C Applicants



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