Health System Administrators at United States Federal Bureau of Prisons

Health System Administrators at United States Federal Bureau of Prisons

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United States Federal Bureau of Prisons is Recruiting for Health System Administrators – apply here. We are delighted to inform you about the ongoing United States Federal Bureau of Prisons Jobs Application Form for Health System Administrators. See requirements/qualifications involves.

Health System Administrators function as the department head for the health services department at Federal correctional institutions. Duties include planning, directing, and managing the various areas of the department. Included in this is responsibility for budgetary and fiscal matters, patient care, and laboratory and pharmacy operations.

Requirements/Qualifications for Health System Administrators at US – BOP

Applicants must possess one year of specialized experience in progressively responsible analytical or administrative, or clinical management or supervisory experience in the health care field. In this role, you must have:

  1. Worked in an authoritative or advisory role over an operating health care facility or higher organizational echelon
  2. Maintained a close working relationship with facility managers
  3. Analyzed and/or coordinated administrative, clinical, or other service activities
  4. Provided knowledge of:
    1. missions, organizations, programs, and requirements of health care delivery systems
    2. regulations and standards of various regulatory and credentialing groups
    3. government-wide, agency, and facility systems
    4. requirements in various administrative areas such as budget, personnel, and procurement
  5. Demonstrated management skills with the ability to:
    1. delegate authority
    2. evaluate and oversee people and programs
    3. recognize and adapt to changing priorities

You must have knowledge about the interrelationships and interdependencies among various medical and administrative services and programs.

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How to apply for Health System Administrators at United States Federal Bureau of Prisons

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