Guidelines on how to Successfully fill your Npower Transition Data Form Online

Guidelines on how to Successfully fill your Npower Transition Data Form Online

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Guidelines on how to Successfully fill your Npower Transition Data Form Online As usual today on npowernews based on numerous emails we get from our subscribers, asking us to write about easy ways to go about filling the N-power transition data update form online, so today we have set aside as a day where we can lecture some of you on how to go about filling your npower transition data form online 2020, as you all know npower data transition form update is only for npower volunteers who in the categories of batch a and c across the federation, as you all know all exiting npower beneficiaries must fill their forms and submit same to the focal person of their state, at the end of this article you will learn quite a lot about filling the form online and offline as the case maybe.

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If you are among the npower beneficiaries for batch a and b and you ahve the urgent need to update your npower information through your npower state focal person, at the end of this article a lot will be revealed to you, all you have to do is stick with us to the very end of this article, you can also contribute to this article by leaving your comment below using the comment box and it will be approved.

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has directed Npower State Focal persons to compile data of batch A and B exiting Npower beneficiaries who might be interested in the Ministry transition opportunities, they do not create a unified avenue for volunteers’ information collection. Instead, How to fill Npower Data Form.

The plan to absorb volunteers into relevant MDAs within the country is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, in its effort to further sustain the livelihoods of the exited N-Power Beneficiaries.

In view of the above, interested outgoing volunteers (Batch A or B) are to use the following format below to fill form successfully:

  • Name
  • Phone no:
  • Email:
  • Program:
  • Npower ID:
  • LGA:

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Please note that Focal Person is not using your details for anything, the form is to verify your identity as an exited volunteer for Federal Government Transition Programme.

How to identify Fake Npower transition Data update Form 2020

The Guidelines below will help you to recognize a fake npower data transition collection form online and offline:

  • Please avoid the Npower Transition forms that specify data collection for all Npower volunteers in Nigeria.
  • Data collection is done with each State using different method to collect information.
  • Avoid Transition forms that demand any information aside the information requested by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs
  • Avoid data collection form that is full of error

If you are still having some challenges with your npower transition data update form, please use the comment box below and talk to us, we are here to communicate with you everyday any time.

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Guidelines on how to Successfully fill your Npower Transition Data Form Online

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