Godwin Obaseki Recalls Exited Edo Npower N-teach Beneficiaries

Godwin Obaseki Recalls Exited Edo Npower N-teach Beneficiaries

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Godwin Obaseki Recalls Exited Edo Npower N-teach Beneficiaries News Making round the internet has it that the Executive Governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki has Ordered all the Exited Npower N-teach Beneficiaries in the State to resume and that they should go back to the Classrooms Immediately.

The governor made this statement at Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS), a state owed broadcasting station in Edo State, they are up to 19000 Npower Exited Beneficiaries from Edo State out of the 19000 12000 Npower beneficiaries ae mostly n-teach Volunteers.

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Godwin Obaseki who was relected as the Governor of Edo state after his Party APC disqualified him from Contesting, he migrated to the PDP and won the apc Candidate, Obaseki enjoyed the support of thousands of Edo Indigenes, that is what made him win for the second term as the Governor of the State.

In his campaign manifesto, Obaseki promised Human Capital Development in the educational sector of the state, Moreover you recall some days ago that N-power ordered for fresh Verification of all npower batch a and b, hope you have already done, what was required of you by Npower, please whatever you are asked to do, endeavor to carry out the task to the later, some of this may actually be used to determine your npower exit packages which comes up very soon.

Also reason for the npower fresh verification is to get a fresh data base of the npower batch a and b and to fish out all the npower Beneficiaries in batch a and b who still went ahead to register for the npower Batch C recruitment exercise.

Also be informed that Npower is doing all they can to pay off all the npower Volunteers outstanding and Backlogs accumulated for many months, all you are expected to do is follow up, on Npowernews.com whatever npower information you think directly or indirectly affects you, assimilate it and carry out any instructions in such information.

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Godwin Obaseki Recalls Exited Edo Npower N-teach Beneficiaries

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