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Federal Government Should Give NPower Beneficiaries N200000 exit package and N1m loan

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Federal Government Should Give NPower Beneficiaries N200000 exit package and N1m loan Information reaching us concerning the disengagement of Npower beneficiaries today is that the Federal Government through the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, has declared that beneficiaries of the N-Power programme both Batch A and B have been disengaged from June.

Prior to this announcement made by the Minister, Mr Aanu Adegun ( a Content Editor-Politics and Current Affairs at put up a suggestion that, disengaging these thousands of youths at this critical period of a pandemic is quite alarming and disturbing, stating the fact that a whole lot of them will be condemned to a life of hard labour and hardship as most will not be able to secure any job at all as a result of the raging corona virus pandemic which made many companies and organisations to relieve their workers of their duties.

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To not be mistaken, it is uncertain as the Government has not announced if there would be exit packages for the ‘new jobless’ young Nigerians but it is also necessary that the government set aside a substantial sum of money to assist a few beneficiaries who can boast of clear business plans if the government insists on disengaging them.

Adding to this, Mr Aanu Adegun, who is also a journalist with renowned beckoned on the Nigerian Government not to disengage these numerous youths without the proper exit packages for all of them and for them to provide business support for those with viable ideas and interests.

More so, he strictly argues that if the Government failed to support the N-Power beneficiaries without a befitting exit package, then the whole idea behind the creation of the programme is nonsense as it doesnt meet up the expected aims and visions it had from the onset.

According to his words, Mr Aanu Adegun “I humbly recommend that the Government should give a minimum of N200,000 as an exit package for all of the Npower Batch A and B beneficiaries and a minimum of N1 million loan for those with viable business plans and ideas. Thos loan, should be collateral and interest-free and open to all of them without bias”. It should be noted that most of these youths are being held back from starting one business idea or the other because of capital. The government can do the right thing now by giving them the money needed as it would also boost up the economy.

Still speaking, he said, ” I want to do well as to Urge the FG to trash the idea that beneficiaries should have started a viable business with their monthly N30,000 stipends for it is not as easy as that. Things like transport, feeding, family and social calls, health care i.e drugs etc are not free. To add, some of these beneficiaries are the ones taking care of their families. And most of those who claimed to have started one business or the other with the stipends may have had some additional support they refused to disclose.”

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The federal government must realize that disengaging these beneficiaries without adequate support to face the new world of the coronavirus pandemic is sheer recklessness and absolute wickedness. In fact, without proper support for future plans and goals of beneficiaries, the whole idea behind N-Power empowerment scheme is stupid and a total nonsense. Why should you pay them for two or three years only to send them out to continue roaming the street jobless and helpless? They are expected to think deeply and considerably on how to make the disengagement a betterment for the beneficiaries.

Should the Federal government so refuse to provide the needful and most adequate support to these vulnerable Nigerians, then, they are invariably creating disaster with a crude humanitarian heart.

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Federal Government Should Give NPower Beneficiaries N200000 exit package and N1m loan

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