Npower Batch C recruitment registration Deadline is July 26 2020

Deadline for Npower Batch C registration exercise see when portal will close

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Deadline for Npower Batch C registration exercise see when portal will close Npower registration portal will still close so we will give you the closing date for the npower batch c 2020 registration portal.

The npower Registration has been on for a long time, it has been on since June 26th  2020 2020, i will guide you on how to go about the registration so that you will quickly get registered and we wait for when the shortlisted names will be out.

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Legitinfor has been receiving emails and phone calls about people asking when will the npower registration end, applicants wants to know the closing Date and some nysc members also wants to know the deadline because most of them will end their services this July.

If you are still nysc and you wish to apply there is still opportunity for you to do so now, During the Npower registration you are entitled to choose If you are a serving NYSC Corps Member and you wish to apply, all you have to do is select service in progress in the npower Portal.

For those NYSC applicants who might receive their discharge certificate before July, you can still register, application portal will be on before your discharged certificate is issued to you

Do you still care to register all you have to do is visit the registration portal and get your documents ready and after registration for NYSC CORPS Members select in Progress.

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Below i will list for you the requirements for the npower batch c registration exercise, firs visit


  1. Fill Npower Profile Form
  2. fill your Email Address
  3. fill your First Name
  4. fill your Middle Name
  5. fill your Last Name
  6. type your Phone Number
  7. add your Additional Phone Number if any
  8. your Date of Birth
  9. Your Gender
  10. Type State of Residence (Where you live)
  11. Type LGA of Residence (Where you live)
  12. Type Electoral Ward
  13. Type State of Origin (Where you’re from)
  14. Type Residential Address
  15. Type Postal Code (Optional)
  16. Type if you have any disability?
  17. Type Are you currently employed?
  18. Type Dependents: how many people do you feed today?
  19. Type Upload Government Issued ID
  20. Then Upload Passport Photograph

The Npower registration bacth c exercise will close 6 weeks after from the first time the registration started, we will advice you to quickly go to the npower portal and register earlier before you loose out.

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If the npower registration is by any chance extended we will let you know immediately, all you have to do is insert your email and subscribe with us to is free, click here now

Deadline for Npower Batch C registration exercise see when portal will close

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    Pls inform me when the Npower shortlisted names for batch c candidate thank you

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