Best Ways to keep your Skin moisturized looking fresh and shinning

Best Ways to keep your Skin moisturized looking fresh and shinning

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Best Ways to keep your Skin moisturized looking fresh and shinning

Every woman loves to Look flawlessly beautiful and shinning no woman or man that wants to have a rough dried out scaly skins, everyone both male and female aspires to have one of the best skin ever.

Here we shall show you wonderful tips in having that wonderful skin you so desired, Yes this tips was tested and confirmed by me that is why i decided to share them with you.

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you will so love this tips we are about bringing your way, no need you wasting your hard earned money on creams that never worked, stop enriching beauty product company and work out some skin friendly portions for your self at the comfort of your home.

Best Ways to keep your Skin moisturized looking fresh and shinning everyday

  • Cleans your Skin everyday with Cold Water it works like Magic

Batting or washing your skin twice a day with cold water is necessary because it brings out the hidden beauty in you, cold water on your skin softens your skin and leaving it flawlessly beautiful and shinning, practice washing your skin with cold water every day and you will see an amazing result that will wow you, and you also need to keep yourself hydrated always whatever you put in is what you get out.

  • Buy or make Original Green Tea for Beauty

Green tea’s are a miraculous detox drinks that having been doing wonders to people skins over the years, green tea can be  useful  and it is a must for your skin if you truly what to achieve that Agbani Darego kind of beauty. Green tea bags help in reducing swelling and stiffening of the skin. When placed over closed eyes, the cooled tea bags can act wonders in getting rid of those disappointing dark circles around your eyes and face, it sounds sweet right, what are you waiting try it and give us your testimony.

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  • Let your Face be, Leave your Face Alone stop picking on it

This Sounds ridiculous right? this is what many of us are guilty of, we are so busy with picking our faces such as popping out ripe and unripe pimples it is practically wrong and it is not healthy you are killing your face you are gradually defacing your self.

It is not good to always be at your face medically wise it is wrong that is why corona vise health experts have warned us against touching our faces, as you pick the pimples at your face you are giving ways for bacteria to hunt your face because most us our hands are dirty and also not germ free.

  • If you Must use Makeup use makeup that suits and beautifies your skin

Every Nigerian woman has a make up box or kit at her home, do not buy any makeup based on recommendation from a family or friend, that it worked wonders on skin does not mean it will work on yours buy and use a make up that suits your skin, make use of something that will not hurt your skin.

  • If possible protect your skin from Nigerian harsh sun and remember to wash your skin regularly 

The Nigerian sun can be harsh and as a Nigerian woman, you need to learn how to protect your skin from the UV rays. Just because your skin tone is dark does not mean that the sun cannot damage your skin. It just means that you don’t see the damage, which is worse. So always use a cream that has sun protection.

Don’t go out into direct sunlight if you can help it and if you need to be outside, use a small umbrella to protect your skin.

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  • Do not use expired Products make sure what you are using is good and not expired to avoid it damaging your skin

Nigerian market of today is filled with expired beauty products including drugs and every other edibles, before you buy any beauty products check out the expiring date and make sure the product is original, buy products from company’s you recognize and do not buy beauty products because the price is cheap fake beauty products are cheap.

if you follow everything we have said above you will not have any issues with your skin, your skin is you are you are  skin so take good care of it the way you will take care of your stomach when hungry.

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  5. green tea

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