This is inform all applicants that applied for the 2020 NPower recruitment exercise, that commenced on 26th of June 2020, that the next phase of the recruitment exercise is the Screening and Assessment of successfully selected n-power candidates.

It is no longer news that npower batch c recruitment exercise registration will end July 26 2020, after which the npower next phase which is screening will take place, this post contains all the information you have always wanted to know, so if you truly want to get recruited by npower then you must go through this post, because we have listed the stages you will have to pass through.

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Before proceeding, I want to show you a breakdown of the different stages or of the NPower recruitment program below.

Stage One: NPower Online Application, which has started since last month June, which according to npower over 3 million people have registered so far.

Stage Two:  BVN Validation exercise, this stage is to check if your bvn corresponds with your details

Stage Three: The NPower Online Assessment Test which is for shortlisted applicants

Stage Four: NPower Device Selection exercise this process enables you to select your npower devices

Stage Five: NPower Pre selection exercise

Stage Six: N-Power Physical Verification of shortlisted candidate’s credentials

Stage Seven: N-Power Selection  Congratulations, you are now a beneficiary of the N-Power Program

Stage Eight:  NPower posting and Deployment letter

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After you might have successfully passed all this stages listed above then you have become a full npower beneficiaries and you will start receiving the npower monthly stipends.

Currently Stage two is on going as the registration is power batch c registration is still on. Immediately the registration portal has been closed, stage one and two will be completed.

You have to prepare for npower online Assessment test which falls at stage 3 of the npower batch c recruitment exercise

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How to write the npower batch c 2020 Assessment Test online

For you to commence the online assessment test, you must first be shortlisted by receiving an email or SMS for the 2020 NPower Online Test Screening Exercise.All tests are to be done on the NPower official portal:, if you have any questions to ask please use the comment box, and we shall reply back to you immediately.

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2020 NPower batch c Recruitment Screening Exercise is the Next Stage