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10 Errors to Avoid if you are registering for Npower batch C 2020

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10 Errors to Avoid if you are registering for Npower batch C 2020 Today we are here to enlighten all npower batch c applicants about the dangers of making this top 10 errors during npower batch c registration exercise that we outlined below.

The First npower registration which is 2016, was marred with too many errors, which contributed negatively to npower batch a and batch b beneficiaries not paid their stipends for many months counting, so for you not to have payment issues with npower please go through this post and put to practise what you learnt today from this article.

Your predecessors NPower 2016 Applicants made a lot of mistake and we have learnt from it in a hard way that is why we are here to assist you.

10 Errors to Avoid if you are registering for Npower batch C 2020

  1. Avoid incorrect BVN: Make sure to use a correct BVN during your online registration. if you need your bvn sent to your phone dail *565*0# using the phone number you used in registering your BVN, the network charges 20 naira for this service.
  2. Be Consistence with your Records mostly name and bank details: Let your name and bank details correspond with your bvn details,do not use a falseor edited Document or Means of identification, e:g Joseph Trump Victoria, make sure you don’t change it to  Victoria Joseph Trump Do not put your first name in place of surname as it will cause in-correspondence of details.
  3. Avoid the use of Wrong Email address, phone number and make sure to create a fresh email for this: It’s advisable you use fresh email address for this purpose, you can easily get fresh emails it’s free ad you can get as many emails as you want, most recommended email providers is GMAIL and YAHOOMAIL and make sure to use your real main phone number and also use a password you can easily guess.
  4. Don’t use double date of birth use your legal date of birth: Make sure your date of birth is the same with all your documents it’s very much important.
  5. Make sure to upload clear image of you: Upload a clear PNG recommended image of you for clarity sake, let the image be in white background.
  6. Don’t allow network be a barrier, use a good data connection: Use a strong network connection, or go to a location where your network is strong and more faster
  7. Do not apply twice or More: Don;t apply twice if you do you have automatically disqualified yourself, apply only once.
  8. do not use edited or fake documents: Don’t try to be smart npower batch c personnel will use AI technology to know edited documents what is AI technology? AI technology is Artificial Technology that’s very smart and fast in enhancing any form of job, assigned to it.
  9. avoid late registrations, register before deadline. do not register after the deadline, register before the stipulated deadline.
  10. don’t rush during registration: Do not rush to register, rushing to register will only make you to make mistakes that you will find annoying, take your time get your documents ready and register before deadline.

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Some npower registration important information for you

  1. If you have registered for npower Batch A and B you are advised not to register for Npower Batch C because you will be disqualified all your details are stored in their system.
  2. Make you use all verifiable details, make sure to use your own bank details, if you don’t have a bank account rush and register one it doesn’t take much time and the cost is zero naira
  3. make sure you review all your details before finally submitting them
  4. apply for npower batch within the range of your academic qualifications
  5. You as npower applicants you are entitled to choose only one npower category

How to register for npower batch c recruitment exercise with your phone

Here you will learn how to easily use your phone and register for npower batch c recruitment, you can do the registration your self you do not have to go to a cyber cafe, to learn how to register npower with your phone click this link

To register for npower batch c recruitment exercise 2020 click on this npower official registration portal link to register

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If you need any npower assistance please do well to leave a comment below an assistance will be with your shortly and attend to you.

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10 Errors to Avoid if you are registering for Npower batch C 2020

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